The Weir

Just as I got home from my feast at Roz Ana, my husband said he wanted to make the most of the beautiful weather and take his father out to dinner along the river. I am incapable of saying no to a meal out, so even in my sated state I found myself at The Weir.

We decided on The Weir as we know from past experience that we could go a little later (nearly 7) and still get a table.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames exterior

The pub is tucked away at the end of the lane behind Xcel Leisure Centre The patio is alongside the Thames towpath at Sunbury Weir. It’s lovely to sit and watch the boats go up and down the river, some docking directly at The Weir for a pint. We’ve even seen herons here.

All tables are picnic tables. There are ample umbrellas, as well as shade from the trees at one end of the patio.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames riverside

The Weir is a traditional pub. Meaning order at the bar, make sure you know your table number.

The menu is a classic pub menu with some unexpected additions (like salmon florentine.) There’s also baguettes, jackets and a good selection of children’s/light bites.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames internal bar

Inside is made up of different rooms, all with traditional decor. Interesting old photos of Sunbury lock and weir grace the walls.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames internal seating area

I’ve just realised I’m actually in this photo.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames internal seating area far room

My husband went for the 8oz handmade Weir burger char-grilled 100% Scottish beef served with chips & salad, with cheese £10.50. The chips were triple cooked and very tasty. He enjoyed the burger. His favourite thing about the Weir is the selection of ales and ciders on draught.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames cheese burger

Daughter #1 opted for the Lasange homemade lasagne served with side salad £8.95 (from the adult menu.) She wasn’t keen on the top, she felt it too stodgy.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames lasagna lasagne

FIL opted for the sausage & Mash handmade free range pork sausages & creamy mash served with gravy £10.50 He ate it, which I take it means he liked it.

The Weir Walton-on-Thames sausage and mash

Daughter #2, as usual, had the Children’s sausage & mash served with chips & peas or beans £5.50. She thought the sausages were good but that it had too much gravy. (Don’t know why the beans aren’t in the pic but she definitely had them.)

The Weir Walton-on-Thames kid's sausage and mash

Still happily full from my Roz Ana meal, I could only contemplate a side salad £3.50. It had a good amount of non-lettuce bits, as far as side salads go and was a decent size. Lots of red peppers and cucumbers (I’d asked for no tomatoes.)

The Weir Walton-on-Thames side salad

The Weir is a good traditional pub with a superb location and terrace. It’s a great option to wile away a sunny afternoon.

Menu 3
Food 3
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 3
Value 3
Total 17/25

Waterside Drive, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2JB
Pub car park
Dog friendly inside and out

Roz Ana

Curry is Ann’s favourite thing in the world, Lynn enjoys it but it’s really not Marie’s thing. When the opportunity arose to lunch at Roz Ana on Kingston Hill, Ann was drooling.

Marie was swayed into attending by the beautiful images of food on their website. Besides, it’s difficult to find a good, independent restaurant in Kingston-Upon-Thames and Roz Ana looked like it had the potential to fill that gap.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames exterior

Situated on Kingston Hill, the location is not ideal, but as we were about to discover it’s worth every effort to get there.

A bar is to the right of the entrance where they have a tempting cocktails menu in the evening.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames bar area

The dining area is to the left. It’s modern with splashes of colour that hint of of India.

It was quiet during our visit, which is a shame as we found Roz Ana to be a great lunching spot.

Service was excellent. Our waiter Chris was very familiar with all of the dishes on the menu and able to make recommendations to suit our taste but was otherwise inconspicuous.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames interior

Bottles of still or sparkling water are complementary and offered upon arrival.

In addition to the main menu, there is a specials menu that features a different region of India every month. On our visit the region was Andhra Pradesh. The menu includes a page of information on the region’s cuisine, which excited travel maniac Marie.

Healthy options are noted on the menu and there are plenty, along with lots of vegetarian dishes.

The prices may be slightly more than you’re used to paying for a curry, but this is is not your Friday night curry house. Roz Ana is an independent restaurant serving high quality food and the prices reflect this.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames restaurant seating area

Surprisingly, normally in an Indian restaurant Marie has difficulty finding something she wants, but at Roz Ana she had trouble finding something she didn’t want.

The starters sounded so appealing we each decided to have one.

Lynn went for the “Amritsari Fish £6.50 Carom seed infused crispy fried white fish fillets accompanied with a shrimp remoulade.” It was a really light batter, mildly spiced with tender fish inside, and a light dip. Very tasty and a great option for an appetiser.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames Fish Appetizer

Ann’s eyes went straight for the “Chicken tikka salad £6 Grilled chicken breast, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes and mango tossed in a honey and lime dressing.

The chicken was delicious and the salad dressing was super tasty yet very refreshing. It alone would have been enough for lunch, the kind of lunch that’s perfect for summer.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames tikka masala chicken salad

As regular readers will know, Marie loves scallops and orders them whenever she can. She obviously chose the “Seared scallops £9.00 Fresh king scallops, seared with garlic, pepper, coriander and served with lotus root crisps.”

The scallops came perfectly cooked with beautiful flavours. The pretty lotus root crisps were a perfect accompaniment. The dish was so good she dreamed of it when drifting off to sleep that night, something she hasn’t done in a very long time.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames scallops and lotus root crisps

For the main we opted to share two dishes with steamed basmati rice (£3) and Peshawari Naan (Stuffed with dry fruits and nuts £3.50.)

From the regular menu we selected “Monk Fish Tepla Ambat £13.00 Popular curry from the west coast of India made using Szechuan pepper, kokum and coconut.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames Monk Fish Tepla Ambat

From the regional specials menu we ordered “Kodi Mamsam Kura £10 Diced chicken simmered in a sauce made with onion, tomatoes, coconut, poppy seeds and fine ground toasted spices.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames Kodi Mamsam Kura £10 Dice chicken

Lynn fell in love with the monkfish, it was a dish she could become obsessed with, bursting with layers of flavour. You could see why our server recommended against us having the lime rice with it – it would have conflicted – so we were very grateful for that.

While Lynn and Marie were busy raving about the monkfish, Ann was busy loading up on the chicken. She loved it, light but full of interesting flavours that were unique from any other curry she’d had.

The Peshwari naan was crustier than usual, which served to intensify the flavour inside.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames curry lunch

By this point we were so enamoured with the food that we decided to have dessert – even though it would mean a rush to get back for school pick-up.

Unwilling to settle for just one each, we opted for the “sharing dessert platter £12 Valrohna Chocolate and Almond Samosa, Gulab Jamun & Mango Kulfi.

All three were delicious. The flavours and texture of the Gulab Jamun (left) were wonderful however the chocolate samosa was the real stand out.

It’s described as “made with one of the world’s best dark chocolates coated with almond flakes, served warm accompanied with chilled creme malibu.” Well, all we can say is ‘it’s a whole lot better than it sounds.’

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames trio of desserts

We were gluttons that day. We don’t normally have a two course lunch, let alone a three course, but everything on the menu sounded so good we couldn’t help ourselves. We were full afterwards but not overly full the way you would expect to be after a large Indian meal.

None of us ate dinner that night, not necessarily because we weren’t hungry but because we weren’t ready to “let go” of our Roz Ana meal.

We loved Roz Ana, even non-curry eating Marie. We will make the effort to return, with husbands, friends, with anyone really.

Menu 5
Food 5
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 4
Total 22/25

4-8 Kingston Hill, Kingston Upon ThamesSurrey, KT2 7NH
Metered street parking alongside restaurant on Manorgate Road

We were invited by Roz Ana but this is no way biased our review.

Square MealRoz ana on Urbanspoon


The giant chandelier is the talk of the town, making it hard not to notice there’s an exciting new restaurant in Walton-on-Thames. The glittering light is a beacon to anyone driving through central Walton. It certainly pulled me in for dinner – another outing with my father-in-law, husband & kids too.

Walton is the second location of the popular Turkish restaurant, the first is in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Cappadocia opened July 6 and shares the central bit of the one way system with Zios.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames external

Heaps of work has been put in to convert the former accountancy into a modern restaurant. A lot of thought and money has clearly gone into the renovation and the result is impressive. As my husband commented, “This is too nice for Walton.”

Masses of light flood in through the huge windows, making the space bright and airy and good people/car watching. The lights dim at eight o’clock for a more grown up mood.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames internal

A show kitchen is located at one side, so you can watch your food being prepared.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames kitchen chefs

The beautiful chandelier greets you at the door. It’s so large it is recessed into the ceiling.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames chandelier

When you manage to take your eyes off it, the host and hostess are waiting with a warm welcome.

The service is extremely friendly. They engaged in conversation with my children, making them feel special. They invited me in to the kitchen to take a photo when they saw me attempting to do so through the glass. They were enthusiastic at explaining the menu and everything arrived/departed efficiently.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Entrance

The menu is extensive. Even if Turkish food isn’t your thing, you’re bound to find something you like on the menu.

We had an assortment of food. The adults all opted for a starter plus a salad for the table. My fil opted to have another starter for his main. One child ordered from the adult menu and one from the kids menu. My husband & I both had regular mains, mine from the vegetarian section (yes, section, this is a great restaurant for vegetarians.)

What we ate:

“Lentil Soup £4.90 Homemade lentil soup with homemade bread.”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames lentil soup and bread

“Sucuk Izgara £4.90 Slightly spicy Turkish sausage grilled & served with grilled tomatoes.”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Sucuk Izgara £4.90 Slightly spicy Turkish sausage grilled & served with grilled tomatoes

“Clay Baked Mushrooms £5.50 Chopped mushrooms, onions, tomato, peppers & garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese and oven baked.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames clay Baked Mushrooms v £5.50 Chopped mushrooms, onions, tomato, peppers & garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese and oven baked

“Sigara Borek £4.90 (Traditional Turkish Cheese Pie) Filo pastry delicately rolled and stuffed with feta cheese & parsley.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Sigara Borek vegetarian £4.90 (Traditional Turkish Cheese Pie)

“House Salad £4.50 Chopped vine tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and onion with olive oil dressing.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames house turkish salad

“Tiger Prawns £6.70 Tiger prawns sauted in white wine (optional), fresh garlic and herbs.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Tiger prawns sauted in white wine (optional), fresh garlic and herbs

“Kid’s kofta + soft drink £6.95″

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames kid's kofta with rice

“Grilled Fillet Of Seabass £13.90 Fillet of seabass with fresh herbs, lemon garlic butter sauce served with sauteed spinach and new potatoes.”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Grilled Fillet Of Seabass

“Cheltik Iskender £13.50 Sirloin and lamb kofta with sour cream, tomatoes and peppers.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Cheltik Iskender £13.50 Sirloin and lamb kofta with sour cream, tomatoes and peppers

“Karniyarik £13.90 Vegetarian stuffed aubergine.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames vegetarian Karniyarik £13.90 Stuffed aubergine

Everyone enjoyed their food immensely. All food is made fresh onsite, including the bread, and it was apparent in the taste.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames turkish delight

There’s a set menu option. There are specials throughout the week. They do a good lunch special. There’s also belly dancing on Thursday evenings. Basically there’s something for everyone to like at Cappadocia. I wish it every success.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 5
Value 4
Total 22/25

64 High Street, Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1BU
Some street parking, or use The Heart carpark

The White Orchid Cafe

Following in the trend of putting cafes in boutique shops, The White Orchid has expanded beyond (and behind) flowers and now features a small cafe.

Tucked away behind its old location on York Road, the cafe is access via a small gravelled alley.

White Orchid exterior

Still primarily a florist, your are greeted at the door by the beautiful scent of flowers.

The high ceiling gives lots of character to the space and the rows of skylights let the sunlight flood in. The front, where the tables are located, is open to the outside. Additional tables are located in the little courtyard in front.

Although here for the food we couldn’t resist having a poke around. The place is huge and has giftware, cards of course lots of flowers. Several racks of clothing hang in the back room. Then we spent way too long smelling scented candles. Our olfactory senses were working overtime.

White Orchid interior

The menu is small, with a selection of quiche and or salads plus a soup of the day. Although there was no soup on our day. There were several tartlet quiches to choose from as well as two types of salad.

Lynn selected the mushroom with a side of carrot, cabbage & mango salad. It was super yummy, particularly the salad.

White Orchid mushroom quiche and salad

Marie went for the carrot quiche, again with the carrot, cabbage & mango salad. She wasn’t sure what to expect, given the small selection, but it was very enjoyable. The carrots tasted caramelised and the salad nicely flavoured (if a bit inelegant to eat.)

White Orchid carrot quiche and salad

It was very quiet when we went – we’re not sure if this is from the lack of awareness of the cafe or lack of selection on the menu but one thing is for certain, it’s not for the lack of atmosphere or taste.

Menu 2
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 3
Total 17/25

10 York Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9DT
Street parking or town lot on York Rd.

The Bear Esher

If you’ve ever driven through Esher, most likely you’ve driven past The Bear. A former coaching inn (it still has hotel rooms,) it’s conveniently located at the corner of the busiest intersection in town.

None of us had ever been, perhaps because of it’s busy location. For lunch #3 with my father-in-law, I decided to venture inside.

The Bear Esher external

The first thing you notice when you enter the building is the calmness. The roar of the traffic is blotted out as soon as the door shuts and you’re left standing in a surprisingly tranquil bar area. At least it was tranquil at lunch time, we can’t vouch for Friday evenings.

The Bear Esher bar

The inside is made up of several well appointed rooms that are tastefully decorated with a nod to tradition.

The Bear Esher internal red roomThe Bear Esher internal back room

An outdoor patio is alongside the Inn. It’s nicely done and is overlooked by an ancient looking church. However it’s beside the road and suffers from traffic noise.

The inside is such a lovely environment we elected to sit indoors.

The Bear Esher patio terrace for al fresco dining

We can not complain about the service. For lunch they serve the regular menu as well as a sandwiches & wraps menu.

FIL had the “Chicken club – free range chicken, bacon, tomato & mayonnaise £8.95.” It definitely looked good. The only comment was that the mayo was on the side so he had to take those layers apart to put it on the sandwich.

The Bear Esher club sandwich

I wasn’t terribly excited by anything on the lunch menu but in the end went for the “Chicken Caesar with anchovies and classic Caesar dressing £7.25.” Again it was beautifully presented. The anchovies weren’t mixed into the dressing, meaning some bites were overpowering anchovy and some were bland but it was still enjoyable.

The Bear Esher chicken caesar wrap

Our lunch was thoroughly pleasant and I’m kicking myself for not going before now. I’ll definitely be back.

Menu 3
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 3
Total 18/25

71 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9RQ
Town car park
Dog friendly patio

Take the Dog Indoors

It’s always nice to bring your pooch to a patio with you when the sun is shining. But we all know the clouds can put a dampener on your plans. Just because the weather forces you indoors doesn’t mean you’re forced to leave your doggy at home.

Sedum Restaurant at Chessington Garden Centre dog friendly dogs are allowed inside
Here are our pub, gastropub and restaurant reviews of Surrey dog friendly eateries that allow dogs to dine with you indoors:

The Weir Traditional pub that enjoys a great location alongside the Thames in Walton-on-Thames 17/25

The Cricketers Olde Worlde pub on Downside Common near Cobham. 21/25

The Windmill A friendly pub with stunning views. Located in the Surrey Hills near Ewhurst (Cranleigh.) 19/25

Ollie in dog friendly pub in Surrey

Sedum Restaurant Located within the Chessington Garden Centre, a delightful restaurant with lots of beautifully displayed savouries and sweets and a dedicated indoor dog seating area. Unrated

Old Crown Local Weybridge pub serving up great food. Popular with dog owners. Unrated

The Black Swan Fabulous country gastropub near Ockham (Cobham.) 18/25

Thames Court Amazing terrace alongside the Thames. Welcomes dogs inside in the bar area. 16/25

Jolly Farmer Solid local Weybridge pub. 14/25

The Hand and Spear Weybridge gastropub welcomes dogs outside and in the bar area. 13/25

ps The Donkey near Elstead also allows dogs inside, see our mini review in our Surrey Eats for Kids guide.

The Cricketers Downside

Lunch #2 with my Father-in-Law, this time with his sister as well. I knew they would love the Olde Worlde charm of The Cricketers in Downside, near Cobham.

I used to go here regularly when I first moved to the area, but eventually the food and high prices drove me away. New owners took over 3 or 4 year ago and rectified all that was wrong and I’ve finally come back to judge how well they’ve done.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham exterior

It’s easy to overuse the phrase ‘oozes charm’ but in this case the words truly are suiting. Roaring fires, nooks & crannies and low beamed ceilings are the perfect setting in drab weather. It’s cute and cosy and any other superlative you can think of.

There’s what used to be the more formal dining area, that’s now another room of the pub.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham interior dining area

The small size of the various rooms make it difficult to convey the charm of the bar area in a photograph.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham interior bar area

A large outdoor seating area is practically on the green, giving a great feeling of openness.

This happens to be at the ‘real’ front of the pub, meaning even outdoors you still get to enjoy The Cricketers’ charm (see image #1.)

The Cricketers Downside Cobham exterior patio terrace

As mentioned in our Surrey Eats For Kids article, The Cricketers is a wonderful spot for kids to run and play on the green while you enjoy the terrace.

If it’s how it used to be, I suspect the patio gets quite packed on beautiful sunny days so you’re best to come early to get a table.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham exterior patio terrace view

Service is cheerful and efficient.

All of the food is prepared fresh onsite. Though part of a group of six pubs, the menu varies with each location. With dishes like New York Strip and Caesars with anchovies and an assortment of burgers, the influence of the local American community is evident on The Cricketers menu. Not to fear, pub classics haven’t been left off but have been made up to date.

FIL opted for the ‘beef & horseradish sandwich £7.’ The beef was thick cut and pink in the middle. It looked delectable but he thought they were a little too generous with the horseradish for his liking.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham roast beef sandwich with chips

AIL went retro with the ‘prawn & avocado salad with cos lettuce and grapefruit £11.95.’ After getting a little extra dressing she loved it and ate every last bite.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham prawn avocado salad

I went for the ‘super healthy salad, feta, broccoli, butternut squash, avocado, spinach, carrots, toasted seeds and nuts with an orange and yogurt dressing £10.95.’ I love salads and this was salad heaven. Filling and substantial with lovely flavours and a good amount of every ingredient.

The Cricketers Downside Cobham healthy carot squash spinach seeds nuts broccoli avocado salad

The new owners really have done a fabulous job at reviving The Cricketers. The menu is up to date and the food well prepared. Once again The Cricketers will become a favourite stop for my overseas guests.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 4
Value 4
Total 21/25

The Cricketers, Downside Common, Downside, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3NX
Plenty of parking, there’s even a carwash in the lot.
Dog friendly inside and out.