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10 abandoned restaurant dishes you forgot existed

It’s always a sad day when a restaurant chain decides to take an item off the menu. Whether it’s done in secret or you’ve had time to place those last few orders before you have to say goodbye forever, it never quite alleviates the blow of losing a beloved meal option. But over time you then add new menu items to your favorites list and soon enough those abandoned restaurant dishes become distant memories.

Well, who doesn’t love a little nostalgia? We took it upon ourselves to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the abandoned restaurant and fast food dishes that you’ve probably completely forgotten by now. Let’s take a moment to think about these long lost menu options. And for more, check out these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve A Return.

Courtesy of the Olive Garden

Olive Garden went ahead and decided to present their Alfredo Chicken Spaghetti Pie to the world. in 2016. This decadent dish consisted of spaghetti, seven cheeses and bacon topped with grilled chicken and Alfredo sauce. Talk about an overload! It is safe to say that it is a dish that may be better to forget …

Bell's Taco Waffle Taco
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell created the Waffle Taco in 2014, as the chain worked its way into the fast food breakfast game. This menu item is exactly what you expected: a sausage patty or bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese were all wrapped in a hot waffle, with syrup as well. His stay was brief, as it only lasted a year and was canceled in 2015, giving way to the debut of Biscuit Taco.

mcdonalds snack wraps
Courtesy of McDonald’s

Oh, the Snack Wraps. Back in 2007, these mini wraps have made their way onto McDonald’s menus. They were pretty straightforward: just a piece of crispy or grilled chicken, cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, and ranch or honey mustard wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. McDonald’s wraps would go on to take on different styles over the years, but now they’re another victim of Mickey D items you can’t order anymore. These original Snack Wraps, however, are the menu items that started this trend.

ihop Strawberry Vanilla Stuffed French Toast
Monica V./Yelp

IHOP’s menu is constantly updated, as the pancake chain is known for its seasonal dishes. You will still be able to find classic items such as French toast, waffles and of course pancakes. This is why you may have forgotten the fact that the Stuffed French toast is no longer available.

dennys fried cheese fondant
Courtesy of Denny

Denny’s featured Fried Cheese Melt on its value menu in 2010, and it made quite an impression. This sandwich contained over 800 calories, as it consisted of four sticks of fried mozzarella and melted American cheese that were toasted between two slices of sourdough bread. Not necessarily the best for you, nutritionally speaking! Denny quietly got rid of this sandwich but still offers the Mega Philly Cheese Melt.

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Uno pizzeria whole pork burger
Courtesy of Uno

The Whole Hog Burger at UNO made waves when it first started out, and it’s still whispered occasionally, like it’s a piece of restaurant folklore. “Does this burger really The burger consisted of four types of meat – bacon, burger patty, pepperoni, prosciutto, and sausage – and four types of cheese – American, cheddar, mozzarella, and Swiss – plus garlic mayonnaise, pickles, fries and onion rings. No wonder he seemed to leave as quickly as he arrived!

sriracha shrimp

If you’re not a regular at Applebee restaurant, you may not have realized that the restaurant chain has taken out the Sriracha shrimp appetizer. in 2018.

Margherita flatbread
Courtesy of Chili’s

Chili is introduced flatbreads on their menu in 2013. Diners could choose from Margherita, Chipotle Chicken and California Grilled Chicken flatbreads, and who doesn’t appreciate a thin, crispy pizza? Well that magic didn’t last forever and Chili’s deleted these pancakes, to the surprise of customers. Let’s make sure we don’t forget them.

Courtesy of IHOP

IHOP strikes again. The chain has gone ahead and reduced its menu in 2020, quietly phasing out banana and nutella pancakes.

apple chicken tacos
Applebees / Twitter

This Applebee menu item was another cause of the big menu decrease in 2020. Tons of restaurant chains menus reduced to a minimum during the pandemic, so you may not have realized that Chicken Wonton Tacos are no longer available. Currently, it’s unclear if the long-standing menu staple will ever come back. We will remember it fondly.

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