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10 gigantic restaurant dishes ready for Instagram

Eating smart has its times, but sometimes you want to eat big. Harley Morenstein, snack entrepreneur and YouTube host Epic mealtime, says restaurants across the country are adopting gargantuan dishes designed to attract social media buzz. “Even if you’re not the type to take a photo of your food, you’re going to pull out your camera,” says the former high school teacher who also invented Pizza in a Bag, a wrapper shaped like a slice of pepperoni. dried. He shares his favorite dishes with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Big pie in the sky
Kennesaw, Georgia.

A slice of pizza takes on new dimensions in this college town lounge featuring 30-inch pies. “It’s a sight to see, it’s just monstrous. If you hold it, it goes from the top of your head to the middle of your arm, ”says Morenstein. Intrepid patrons can try the Carnivore Challenge, which gives two diners an hour to eat an 11-pound pizza topped with five different meats.

Deli Sushi & Dessert
San Diego

Sushi may look light and healthy, but not if you order the Monster Roll from Deli. It’s filled with rice, cream cheese, salmon, avocado, crab, and shrimp chips. “He weighs as much as my sister weighed when she was born, which is 7 pounds,” says Morenstein. “It’s like eating eight regular sushi rolls in one.”

Dinner at Clinton Station
Clinton, New Jersey

In the world of great food, it’s hard to match the Mount Olympus burger. You need to order in advance as the 50-pound monster takes five hours to prepare. But if you and four friends can finish it in under three hours, the restaurant will pay you $ 1,000 (if you can’t, it’ll cost you $ 166). Morenstein says it’s lucky the restaurant never closes. “You wouldn’t come in until 3am for such a ridiculous challenge, and the good news is they’re open.”

Dong Thao noodles

Grand cuisine transcends cultural boundaries at this fourth-generation Vietnamese store, which serves a dish it calls the largest serving of traditional pho soup in the world. Dubbed the Seattle Super Bowl, it includes 4 quarts of broth and 4 pounds of homemade meat and noodles.

Mom is on the hill
Saint Louis

This Italian restaurant has earned its place in culinary history for its grilled ravioli, an aperitif now associated with Saint-Louis. But Morenstein sets him apart for a pasta dish called The Hill. The huge bowl of spaghetti is topped with one of the largest meatballs in the world, he says. “It looks like something between a child’s head and a basketball.”

San Francisco Creamery Co.
Walnut Creek, California

The Bay Area is full of ice cream shops, but only one serves Kitchen Sink, a giant sundae served in an actual kitchen sink. It consists of three sliced ​​bananas, eight scoops of ice cream and eight homemade toppings. “The whole thing is completely covered in mounds and mounds of whipped cream,” says Morenstein.

Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que
Bonner Springs, Kan.

Kansas City barbecue is already a legend, but this joint takes it to a whole new level. His Ultimate Destroyer features a foot-long hoagie bun with mounds of pulled pork, smoked pork, turkey breast, smoked ham, burger, brisket and sausage. All accompanied by half a pound of fries. “Everything you ever wanted to try at Kansas City BBQ is in this sandwich. It might be wacky bravado, but I would like it, ”says Morenstein.

Paddy long

Come to this Windy City bar for the best beer and cold cuts. The pub’s bacon menu includes The Bomb, a 5-pound dish of ground sausage, pork and beef mixed with spices, then wrapped in brown sugar bacon and slowly cooked in a pork roasting pan.


If you tend to wake up hungry, this Mexican restaurant’s breakfast burrito is for you. The 7-pound monster includes an entire carton of eggs, hash browns, ham and cheese, Morenstein says. The dish is so intimidating it was too much for Travel Channel’s Adam Richman Man for food.

Deanie’s Seafood
New Orleans

If you’re not sure what kind of seafood to taste, this Bucktown neighborhood market makes your decision easy. His giant seafood platter arrives as a personal challenge from Poseidon, says Morenstein. The fried platter features 18 shrimp, 15 catfish strips, a dozen oysters, six crayfish balls, and two soft-shell crabs, stacked on top of a generous pile of fries. “It’s a simplified order. ”

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