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2-course Wash Heights restaurant named among the best of the year

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY – Eater NY critic Ryan Sutton recently listed his top 23 dishes of 2021, and creations from two Washington Heights restaurants were on the list.

Two Upper Manhattan dishes to do on the list? Empanadas from Colombian bakery Salento at 2112 Amsterdam Avenue (corner 165th Street) and Roti john sandwich from Vietnamese restaurant Native Noodles at 2129 Amsterdam Avenue (near West 166th Street).

Here’s what Sutton said about each one.

Empanadas from Salento

Further south in Washington Heights, a panaderia and cafe known as Salento serves up a fine Colombian empanada, stuffing yellow masa shells with juicy grated chicken and potatoes. Make sure you don’t overlook it. pandebono cheese bread, ”Sutton wrote.

Roti john from Native Noodles

“Amy Pryke has the merit of having used Native noodles to showcase one of the world’s best sandwiches, the Singaporean specialty known as roti john. Pryke sauté cumin ground beef on a platter with onions and garlic, pour an egg mixture over the meat, then place a toasted baguette over it all to soak up the creamy mixture, ”Sutton wrote in the listing. “Once ready, everything is snapped up by the hero, who ends with a good measure of chili mayo. The result is a chewy, beefy, dripping Southeast Asian treat that deserves as much of a citywide performance as the classic bodega-style egg sandwich. “

The list of the best dishes of 2021 is not the first time that Eater has written about Salento and native noodles.

Earlier this year, the culinary reviews and news website named Salento one of New York’s best new pastries and Native Noodles one of Manhattan’s hottest restaurants.

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