Restaurant menu

What’s on the Cheetos restaurant menu? I tried everything and it was the best meal of my life

I had a name once. Tanya. I remember I never liked it very much, but that’s all I remember. This life and all these meaningless concerns seem far away now, as if they were nothing more than a momentary crackle of static in an endless stream of white noise. No – that name and life […]

Restaurant dishes

Must-Try Restaurant Dishes in Houston: You’re Not Eating Well If You Haven’t Had These 5 Specials

HOton’s Restaurant Weeks are underway and diners have been busy studying the menus and planning their reservations for the five week event. I’ve written about a few restaurants that are involved in the charity already – Ginger & Fork, Amalfi Ristorante Italiano & Bar, and Sud Italia – and I’m working on several more, so […]