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10 gigantic restaurant dishes ready for Instagram

Eating smart has its times, but sometimes you want to eat big. Harley Morenstein, snack entrepreneur and YouTube host Epic mealtime, says restaurants across the country are adopting gargantuan dishes designed to attract social media buzz. “Even if you’re not the type to take a photo of your food, you’re going to pull out your […]

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Vietnamese, vegetarian, and household names are on the menu at City Springs Restaurant

Healthy foods, Vietnamese cuisine, and derivatives of the popular Café Vendôme and Paces & Vine are among the first restaurants announced as tenants in City Springs. “We had high expectations of restaurant tenants,” Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul said during the April 11 unveiling of restaurants in his city’s new civic center. “We wanted it […]

Restaurant menu

3 Restaurant Menu Items You Should Never Order – WPXI

Before you start salivating over fancy restaurant meals, make sure you don’t fall for these common menu lies! In an article for, Larry Olmsted, author of “Real Food/Fake Food,” says you’ve probably been scammed before. Food fraud is a $50 billion a year industry, and many of these deceptive practices are not illegal. Next […]