Restaurant dishes

Restaurant meals prepared at the table, classified by absurdity

Table service is not common these days. When was the last time you were presented with baked Alaska or a Caesar salad in front of you? Like bar carts rolling to your table or gloved waiters, table preparations seem a slightly formal holdover from the gastronomic past. But with the Great Recession far enough in […]

Restaurant menu

Off-menu: a restaurant menu reveals new delicacies

Jordan Otterbein and Joseph McGinty Nichol (McG) Last month, I wrote about CdM, the new restaurant concept proposed this fall by A Restaurant partners Jordan Otterbein and McG under the umbrella of their company, River Jetty Restaurant Group. CdM is moving to the old Crow Bar and Kitchen location on the coastal road in Corona […]

Restaurant menu

Labeling rules for restaurant menus come into force

John Cortinas knows exactly how many calories he is consuming. The 54-year-old government meteorologist nibbles a salad at a Chipotle in Silver Spring, Md., Where he says he carefully reads the calorie count on menu options. “I am looking to make healthy choices,” he said. “I’m watching my weight,” Cortinas said, nodding at the diet […]