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Saint Crocamole! Reinventing the children’s restaurant menu

But can fast-casual for kids be healthy andamusing? An inspiring entrepreneur who thinks the answer is a definite YES, is Shannon ‘Peacasso’ Seip, co-founder and co-CEO of Bean sprouts, A chain of fast, casual cafes and restaurants offering healthy and fun food for kids and their parents, who will share their story and tips for […]

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New Arlington Restaurant Offers Tex-Mex Comfort Food and BBQ

Celebrating its grand opening is a new restaurant in Arlington that covers all key food groups. Called Tex-Mex Salsa Joe’s Smoker, it serves a unique combination of Tex-Mex, smoked meats and burgers. If you think it can’t get better than that, they also do home cooking, as well as cocktails and frozen margaritas. The restaurant […]

Restaurant menu

Higher labor costs drive up restaurant menu prices

Photograph by Jonathan Maze Restaurants face a lot of cost pressures, which have forced them to increase their prices despite concerns about traffic and growing competition from grocers and convenience stores. In August, prices for out-of-home food were up 3.2% year-over-year. For comparison, home food prices are up 0.5%, according to the most recent federal […]