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Saint Crocamole! Reinventing the children’s restaurant menu

But can fast-casual for kids be healthy andamusing? An inspiring entrepreneur who thinks the answer is a definite YES, is Shannon ‘Peacasso’ Seip, co-founder and co-CEO of Bean sprouts, A chain of fast, casual cafes and restaurants offering healthy and fun food for kids and their parents, who will share their story and tips for […]

Restaurant menu

Try Tired Hands’ New Philadelphia Restaurant Menu in These Pop-Ups

Starting tonight, Philly fans of Tired Hands will get their first taste of the brewery’s first Philadelphia restaurant, St. Oner’s. Tired Hands has teamed up with Primal Supply Meats to bring a series of pop-ups to the Brewerytown Butcher Shop location (1521 N. 31st St.) starting October 11 at 5 p.m. From Friday to November […]

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New Arlington Restaurant Offers Tex-Mex Comfort Food and BBQ

Celebrating its grand opening is a new restaurant in Arlington that covers all key food groups. Called Tex-Mex Salsa Joe’s Smoker, it serves a unique combination of Tex-Mex, smoked meats and burgers. If you think it can’t get better than that, they also do home cooking, as well as cocktails and frozen margaritas. The restaurant […]

Restaurant menu

Higher labor costs drive up restaurant menu prices

Photograph by Jonathan Maze Restaurants face a lot of cost pressures, which have forced them to increase their prices despite concerns about traffic and growing competition from grocers and convenience stores. In August, prices for out-of-home food were up 3.2% year-over-year. For comparison, home food prices are up 0.5%, according to the most recent federal […]