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The owners talk about the new restaurant, menu

You can sample Park Avenue, Central Park, Times Square and the other pizzas named after Big Apple landmarks at the new Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint in Madison. Serving dinner and offering street-side food and take-out options, Sal & Mookie’s is located in Colony Crossing Shopping Center, which is at […]

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LendUp Review: Is This Payday Loan Alternative a Good Choice?

Payday loans are risky business. Coming in at an average interest rate of 400%, once you get involved in a payday loan, it’s hard to get out of it. But there are times when you may have no other option. So if these loans are a necessary last resort for some, are there responsible versions […]

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Eagle Creek restaurant offers free meals to firefighters

The Eagle Creek Saloon served over 300 free meals last week. EAGLE CREEK, Oregon – Megan Freauff has run the Eagle Creek Saloon for years. She may be in the middle of her proudest moment yet. “We love our community,” she said. “Love our people here.” Freauff runs a team of people who distribute free […]

Restaurant menu

It may be the cheapest restaurant menu in the country

Where do chefs eat on their evening off? The recently reopened Etto has been the number one chef’s canteen for years, and now it looks like Restaurant Richmond is getting love. When I visit there are at least five chefs, including Stephen Gibson from Pichet and Graeme Dodrill from Peploe’s, who participate in the tasting […]

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Ojah’s Vegan Heppi Ribs debuts on Dutch restaurant menu

Sep 11, 2020 — This weekend marks the debut of vegan ribs from producer of meat alternatives Ojah appearing on a restaurant menu. The pea-based texture of vegan ribs mimics the taste and mouth feel of slow-cooked pork ribs. The Dutch chain Vegan Junk Food bar is the first restaurant in the world to sell […]

Restaurant dishes

Houston Brewery shares perfect pairings between beers and dishes from local restaurants

HOUSTON – Nothing goes better on a wet day in Houston than an ice cold beer, but do you know which foods go best with your beers? For a late celebration of National Beer Lovers Day (September 7), 8th Merveille Brewery President and Co-Founder Ryan Soroka shares insight into the art of pairing beer with […]

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The man eats the entire restaurant menu in an hour, for charity

Did you know that eating competitively is a real thing? Well it turns out it’s a big deal and people are also using such contests to help good causes. Kyle Gibson from Sunderland, UK raised money for charity by devouring an entire restaurant menu in an hour. He’s number one in the British Eating League […]

Restaurant menu

Man completes entire restaurant menu, eating 13,000 calories for charity

The existence of competitive eaters has always blown my mind, and they are a major hit at food festivals and fairs. These foodies are so serious about their food that before, a man has even died making his foodie dream come true in an all-you-can-eat taco contest. And then there are legends who eat weird […]