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Kol restaurant menu, chef Santiago Lastra and dining room in pictures

Kol, the highly anticipated London debut of Noma Mexico’s Santiago Lastra, finally opened at Marylebone last week – an Anglo-Mexican tasting menu restaurant in development for nearly three years. The pandemic, which delayed its opening from May, does not appear to have diminished the scope of its ambition, nor dissuaded Lastra MJMK Restaurants’ business-investor partners […]

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The Unhealthiest Chain Restaurant Dishes of All Time – Eat This Not That

Let’s be honest here for a minute: Most people don’t necessarily head to chain restaurants with a healthy meal in mind. You know you’re ready for a convenient and tasty meal! While it’s good to indulge once in a while, you might want to think twice about ordering certain meals, especially the really unhealthy menu […]

Restaurant menu

This could be the hottest restaurant menu item during COVID-19

In addition to managing Alinea and other restaurants, Kokonas has Tock, software that restaurants use to manage reservations. After COVID-19 halted traffic on Tock, Kokonas extended Tock to include a restaurant delivery app, Tock to Go (via Fast business). As of mid-October, 5,000 restaurants were on delivery service, Kokonas said The Wall Street Journal. As […]

Restaurant menu

Circa restaurant menu, dinners with guest chefs and pressure reopening

Circa’s Victory Burger announces its menu Victory Burger & Wings Co., which will overlook sports betting when Circa opens on October 28, has announced its menu. It will be operated by the third generation owners of American Coney Island, based in Detroit, which has a location at D Las Vegas. The menu includes the Victory […]

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Hamilton, Ont. woman ‘deeply regrets’ taking payday loan with 47% interest

TORONTO — In Hamilton, Ont. woman says she was struggling financially when she was given the opportunity to consolidate her debt with a loan from a payday loan company. “I got an offer from a payday loan company and decided to take it and now I deeply regret it,” Kathleen Kennedy told CTV News Toronto. […]