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Video of little girl saying she wants everything on TikTok restaurant menu feeling seen

Have you ever opened up the menu in a restaurant just to find that you were absolutely hungry and literally wanted to order everything from the entire menu? Well @bellafoodie’s little girl certainly does. In a video shared by her parents, the little girl goes through the menu, saying everything she wants (i.e. every item) […]

Restaurant menu

Rita’s Soho restaurant menu comes from Gabe Pryce and Missy Flynn

Missy Flynn and Gabe Pryce are overwhelmed. Not by opening a first restaurant in central London amid well-documented supply chain issues, leaning on rented stools, third-choice glasses and wondering where the tequila is, but by something more fundamental. Sitting on their outdoor patio, it looks like Pryce can’t believe he’s sitting there at all. “All […]

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National Payday Loan Relief celebrates 15 years of transforming lives through payday loan consolidation

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. (PRWEB) October 20, 2021 National Payday Loan Relief celebrates 15 years since the launch of the payday loan consolidation program. This program has helped thousands of Americans languishing in payday loan debt regain their financial freedom. Through this program, the company takes responsibility for settling an outstanding payday loan on behalf of […]

Restaurant menu

New chain restaurant menu items for Halloween and beyond – 24/7 Wall St.

When planning new product launches, restaurant chains often introduce foods and drinks that are appropriate for the specific season or holiday. In the fall, in addition to the inevitable wave of spicy pumpkins, many chains are beefing up their menus with Halloween-themed specials (like Applebee’s Dracula’s Juice cocktail or Burger King’s ghost pepper chicken nuggets), […]

Restaurant menu

Carl’s Jr restaurant menu could include a London opening

Globalization: it’s a burger. Carl’s Jr., the California burger franchise that has grown up, like its many pastry brothers, wants to follow Wendy’s, Five Guys, chick-wire-a and Popeyes on those coasts and cover the UK in even more American fast food restaurants, according to Big Hospitality. The chain, which has more than 3,000 restaurants worldwide […]

Restaurant menu

Why are we seeing more greens on the restaurant menu

“You are what you eat” – This awareness has grown. People have evolved from what they were up to even a decade ago. Previously, cattle or poultry were purchased, they were raised ethically. Today, the use of GMO crops has increased, genetic modifications of these animals have multiplied. Consumption of meat is therefore not healthy. […]