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3 reasons why you should include appetizers in your restaurant menu

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While the traditional three-course experience still has its place in restaurants, the way we eat in restaurants is changing. Dining in a restaurant is a social occasion – one that often comes with drinks and a range of bites to snack on. This is why appetizers are becoming the heart of many restaurant menus. Here’s why you should consider offering appetizers in your restaurant.

1. The way people eat in restaurants is changing

McCain Foodservice Solutions says “informal, shared social snacking experiences seem to take priority.” After more than two years cut off from the world, diners want to relax more than ever and enjoy a range of snacks and entrees while spending time with family and friends.

And it appears to be a global trend, with US-based Tampa Maid Foods also reporting that 39% of customers order appetizers and 30% order small plates during all or most of their restaurant visits. A Technomic report adds that diners would like more restaurants to offer small plates.

2. Customers expect constant innovation

Technomic also says consumers are looking for more variety and innovation. Research from McCain Foodservice Solutions confirms this, indicating that 73% of South Africans are now actively seeking new experiences and sensations that will brighten their daily experience. And appetizers are a great way to showcase creativity and variety.

But experts are also quick to point out that it has to go hand in hand with value – not just in terms of price, but also what diners get for that price. McCain Foodservice Solutions agrees with that sentiment, which is why their new P!ckers line focuses on versatile appetizers with an exclusive taste profile.

3. Appetizers can be a major added value for your restaurant

McCain’s new P!ckers line doesn’t just deliver value to customers, it also delivers affordable quality that’s guaranteed to drive profits for your business. Appetizers are often quick to prepare, meaning a restaurant can accommodate more diners in one seat than when preparing multi-course meals.

But appetizers aren’t just for groups looking for something to snack on while catching up with loved ones. Their quick turnaround time is also ideal for serving many tables waiting for a two or three course meal. The appetites of these hungry customers can be satiated while waiting for their main meals to be prepared. Take for example McCain P!ckers Tomato Mozza Melts, which only take four minutes to prepare. Camembert bites take even less time — just three minutes — while the ever-popular Cream Cheese Jalapeno Poppers take a maximum of 3.5 minutes.

About the new P!ckers range from McCain Foodservice Solutions

The all new P!ckers range offers three inputs that offer versatility and cost effectiveness. Whether you choose to serve them as an appetizer, side dish, or as part of a platter to share, Tomato Mozza Fondues, Camembert Bites, and Cream Cheese Jalapeños offer endless flexibility with the seal of quality. by McCain. All three are cooked from frozen, saving time and ensuring freshness in every bite.

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