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30 Trending Restaurant Menu Items to Watch


Tired of bone broth or suffering from edima boredom? Has hummus gone ho-hum?

Maybe you’ve had enough of Whoppers or have had enough of hash browns. Move over to McMuffin, pandemic-weary and hungry Americans want to have a revenge meal, and they’re looking for the next great cocktail, taco, micro-green or amuse bouche.

How does Nashville’s hot and candied bacon, beer smoothies and CBD oil sound?

The National Restaurant Association says the restaurant industry is expected to reach $898 billion in sales in 2022, up from $799 billion in 2021 and even higher than the pre-pandemic sales of $864 billion in 2019. They also report that 51% of adults say they don’t eat out as often as they would like, which is a 6 percentage point increase from before the pandemic. But pent-up demand for catering services remains high.

Restaurant owners had to switch from in-house to take-out during the pandemic, then readapt to supply chain issues the following year.

These days, restaurateurs are looking for premium ingredients that are convenient, popular, available, and can be consistently obtained. So, to please the public and their bottom line, restaurateurs are relying more on sauces, dressings, condiments, spices and spice blends for their versatility in foods and beverages, according to a 2022 report. on menu trends by QSR and FSR magazines. , which cover the quick-service and full-service restaurant industries.

Menu selections will continue to shrink in size even as operators seek to improve the dining experience – upscale and convenient, but not expansive, according to the report. Make a mark on the menus, which is sponsored by Megamex Foods, a supplier of prepared Mexican foods to the restaurant industry. The report uses data from Datassential, a food and beverage market research company.

Global cuisine is gaining ground and younger generations are eating more meat, the report says. New herbs are appearing and vodka is on the rise.

Are you ready for some cronuts and crunchwraps? Reserve celery juice; adios, acai bowl; Bye bye, burnt Basque cheesecake – you toss the kale to the sidewalk and turn your gaze to the takoyaki while picking up a page from the bisque book. Here are some trending menu items to watch out for.

2 dukkah sh
3 sh lemon balm
4 nasturtium salads sh
5 pandan sh
6 burnet salad sh
7 s salty
8 shishō perilla sh
9 sorrel
10 Korean barbecue
11 sh nashville hot chicken
12 slices of candied bacon
13 Hodo Foods yuba noodles
14 non-alcoholic raspberry lemonades
15 sh alabama white barbecue sauce
16 sh cassava
17 cbd cocktail sh
18 sh crab bisque
19 flavored bacon bits
20 Gochujang sh
21 homemade sauces sh
22 jackfruit sh
23 Laksa sh of Malaysia
24 non-dairy sorbet desserts
25 sh coconut milk
26 premium liquor sh
27 sh salty brittle
28 Sikil paksh
29 Blue Owl Brewing smoothie beer

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