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Additions to the chain’s restaurant menu for the holidays – 24/7 Wall St.

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Chain restaurant menus are constantly evolving, with new items being added and slow sellers being abandoned, limited-time specials alternating in and out of availability, and seasonal-themed offers appearing at certain times of the year and then fading away. . (Talking about that, here are some fast food dishes that we would like to review on the menu.)

To compile a list of some of the new items that have appeared on the menus over the past month, in time for the holiday break, 24/7 Tempo has continued its regular reviews of the Menu Tracker column posted by News from the nation’s restaurant, a leading national publication on the restaurant business. Directed by Bret Thorn, the NRN’s senior food and beverage editor, the article announces new additions to the menus of a wide range of restaurant chains across the United States – many of whom are on this list of America’s most successful restaurant chains.

Click here to see menu additions to the chain’s restaurants for the holidays

As befits the season, a few of the items have specific holiday themes, like Aunt Anne’s Snowball Nuggets and Baskin Robbins’ Gingerbread House Ice Cream. Others seem to be aimed simply at warming up a cold winter, including items like fried Cheetos cheese bites with Cheetos Flamin ‘(Applebee’s) hot sauce, chili cheese tamales (Del Taco), and Jamaican jerk pizza. (California Pizza Kitchen).

For the other items, a celebrity (Justin Bieber) and a celebrity chef (Rick Bayless) are involved. There are also two notable differences from previous installments: Chicken is usually involved in a number of new items, but only appears once here. And while more chains are introducing plant-based meat substitutes, these items are missing from this roundup. Both, however, will most likely reappear in our future roundup of new menus.

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