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Anand Mahindra tweets ‘Pure Veg’ restaurant menu with a twist

A photo tweeted by Anand Mahindra shows a restaurant menu.

Anand Mahindra is known for a lot of things – and one of them is his online humor.

Recently, the president of the Mahindra group shared a photo of a standing menu from a restaurant that claimed to be a “purely vegetarian” restaurant – but the dishes listed seem to indicate otherwise. The “pure veg” menu only offered non-vegetarian options, including “veg fish fry” and “veg mutton dosa”.

Mr Mahindra wrote: “An example of the incredible Indian reality. For millennia we have known how to harness the power of mind over matter. Veg and Non-Veg, what’s the difference? It’s all in the mind…”

The dishes listed below were Veg Fish Fry, Veg Mutton Dosa, and Veg Chicken Rice.

The standing travelers menu has gone viral on social media and internet users have been divided.

A Twitter user wrote: “One of my clients Jain used to have Jain Egg Curry & Jain Chicken Fry on their way for a drink. They don’t mind having eggs and chicken but they don’t like onion, garlic and potato. “

“It depends on our mind. Which way we’re thinking,” added another.

One Twitter user said: “Very common in Malaysia. Tofu dishes that look and taste like original dishes without vegetables.”

Another post said, “We have to reward this restaurant. It’s like you can make an electric car by just adding ‘electric’ before the name of a gasoline variant.”

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