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Beloved chain restaurant dishes that are gone forever

This year, we lost access to many beloved restaurant menu items for good. When it came to surviving coronavirus closures, fast food chains had to think about and simplify operations by drastically reducing menus. Some even have closed several places Where filed for bankruptcy.

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KFC potato wedges

kfc potato wedges on plate

In a blow to many, KFC recently pulled the beloved potato peelings from the menu and replaced them with Secret Recipe Fries. And while there’s no way these fries aren’t delicious – they’re coated with the chain’s 11 iconic spices and herbs – fans will need time to deal with the loss of this iconic side dish. Want to keep the nostalgia? here is 19 abandoned fast food items we miss the most.


Subway Roast Chicken Sandwich

Subway roast chicken submarine

Subway roast chicken submarine

To streamline its sandwich offering during the pandemic, Subway decided to take one of the most popular sandwiches off the menu for good. The sad news about the roast chicken sandwich has shocked fans and employees alike, as some of the less popular items remain on the menu. Without forgetting, the chain too Just closed their most popular sandwich deal.


Subway Roast Beef Sandwich

Subway roast beef

Subway roast beef

In fact, not only did Subway do away with their beloved roast chicken option, but another sandwich that got the ax permanent was the roast beef. Once again, the fans couldn’t handle it.

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Shake Shack’s Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

shack cago dog shake shack

shack cago dog shake shack

During the pandemic, the hamburger chain announced a temporarily limited menu to facilitate operations for kitchen staff. Several menu items have been temporarily withdrawn, including Chicago-style hot dogs. It’s an understandable move for a company that has built its reputation as a fast food restaurant on burgers to want to downsize and focus its menu in times of uncertainty. And while the change isn’t meant to be permanent, once an item is taken off the menu it’s hard to bring it back, especially since the restaurant is constantly innovating and test new menu options.


Shake Concrete Shack

frozen ice cream shake shack

frozen ice cream shake shack

Shake Shack’s frozen cream desserts also did not survive the size of the pandemic menu. The beloved creamy sweet treats filled with toppings are currently not available. It remains to be seen whether they will ever be brought back. Here is our list of The best and worst frozen fast food desserts.


Red Robin’s Chili Chili Cheeseburger

robin red chili cheeseburger

robin red chili cheeseburger

Robin is one of the many burger restaurants that suffered huge sales losses during mandatory restaurant closings. To bounce back quickly, the channel decided to remove 55 items from the menu. While there are too many lost items to list here, it’s worth mentioning that fan favorites such as the Chili Chili Cheeseburger and the Tavern Double were among the dishes that were forever gone. Here are others hamburger chains in danger of closing.


Gourmet burgers from Zinburger

Just two years ago, Zinburger was a rising star in the gourmet burger world and was even named one of the top 50 emerging restaurant chains by an industry insider magazine. However, the wine and hamburger chain is permanently closing 18 of its 24 stores due to the pandemic. This means gourmet burgers are on the way out very soon. here is 7 more regional fast food chains you may never see again.


McDonald’s Chicken Products

It seems McDonald’s has held up better than most this year, but it didn’t come without sacrifices. The chain has announced several drastic changes to the menu since the start of the pandemic, and in an effort to streamline its chicken offerings, the chain has cut its grilled chicken sandwiches and chicken fingers off the menu (good old McNuggets are still available, however). Although these cuts are believed to be temporary, the chain has been extremely careful when bringing back items on the limited menu, so it may be the end of these two items.


McDonald’s Breakfast Products

bagel mcdonalds bacon egg cheese

bagel mcdonalds bacon egg cheese

Breakfast was a major area where McDonald’s tried to cut losses. Because breakfast sales slowed during the pandemic, the company changed the breakfast menu to the bare minimum and limited its availability to morning hours. And while some speculate that breakfast all day can be gone for good, the menu may also contain the best-selling options, such as McMuffins. This could mean that McD’s currently unavailable bagel items and yogurt parfaits are gone for good.


McDonald’s salads

mcdonalds grilled chicken greek feta salad

mcdonalds grilled chicken greek feta salad

While salads aren’t the first thing we think of when we think of McD’s, it was nice to have the option of ordering them at Golden Arches. But that option is now gone as the channel recently announced that it the final discontinuation of the sale of salads.


IHOP Nutella Banana Pancakes

Another chain that has made huge changes to the menu this year is IHOP. After the chain reduce the menu, literally and figuratively, several fan favorites have been left behind. Gone forever are pancake sliders, simple and tailored omelets, Florentine chicken pancakes and, worse yet, banana nutella pancakes.


McDonald’s PLT

How can you lose something that you never had? If McDonald’s cut a new burger off the menu before the chain even fully unwinds, that’s how. The hamburger giant ventured into the plant-based meat space with a burger featuring a Beyond Meat patty that was available as part of a trial in Canada. The company planned to roll out the new burger in the United States this year, but the chain ended those plans last month.


Republican and Independent Tacos from Torchy

Even former President Obama tried the famous two-party tacos at Torchy’s in 2016. But this year, the chain quietly ditched Republican and Independent tacos for good. The Democratic taco is still on the menu, but Torchy said the decision had nothing to do with politics – the two void tacos were simply the lowest-selling items.


Disney World Resort Unlimited Milkshakes

Candy Cane Chocolate Milkshake

Candy Cane Chocolate Milkshake

Several Disney World Resorts began reopening in June, but most of its restaurants are reportedly come back with limited menu offerings. Many popular items at several of the parks restaurants were taken down during the pandemic, but the hardest blow could come when the Plaza restaurant would no longer offer the unlimited milkshake option. Also, Disney World just opened the world’s most breathtaking McDonald’s.


Chick-fil-A’s Chick-n-Strips

Chicken salad fil a cobb strips of chicken

Chicken salad fil a cobb strips of chicken

In January, Chick-fil-A removed six of its menu items to make room for spicier counterparts. The original Chick-n-Strips were therefore replaced by Spicy Chick-n-Strips, as well as the Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich and the Spicy Chick-n-Strips Biscuit. Some other items that got the start were side salads and several breakfast items.

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