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Best Restaurant Dishes in Chicago in 2018

Kate Krader, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg’s global food, recently weighed in on 16 memorable restaurant dishes, ranging from king salmon freshly caught in Alaska to deliciously aged Irish beef in London. And while we were delighted to see Michelin-starred Elske from Chicago pictured, the dish Krader brought out – cheese and crackers – which we’re sure are pretty good, seemed a bit, well, disappointing. She describes it as a “dish of deceptively simple … the cheese is Wilde Weide, a two-year-old raw cow’s gouda with crystallized streaks. The jam is a vanilla-infused tomato wrapped in a nest. And the crackers are made from a leavened dough that is soaked in olive oil before baking, giving them a superbly flaky and buttery texture, like a French pastry you never knew existed. ” It sounds delicious, but surely there were other memorable dishes?

We asked Crain’s two restaurant reviews, as well as culinary contributor Ari Bendersky, to name the restaurant food that stood out for them this year.

Joanne Trestrail:

Princi: Olive sfilatino (a knotty, super lean baguette) stuffed with pistachio mortadella is a brilliant sandwich.

Pacific Standard Time: a must have dessert made with posset plum, a lemon cream made with buttermilk.

Espace 519: Asparagus soup with coconut milk. (On par with the restaurant’s green-and-white salad, which combines sprigs of Brussels sprouts and cauliflower with apple chips, hearts of palm, and a big handful of pumpkin seeds.)

Qing Xiang: Steamed lamb and carrot dumplings.

The Lakefront at Theater on the Lake: Chimichurri chicken with four seared boneless thighs, chimichurri arugula, wild rice and roasted carrots.

And two pizzas: La Funghi from Pizzeria Bebu, with meaty wild mushrooms and a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar; Bar Cargo’s Roman-style pizza topped with lavishly applied extra-spicy pepperoni ($ 18).

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