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Cape Restaurant’s menu board leaves a bitter taste

Through Yolisa Tswanya Sep 20, 2016

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Cape Town – The SA Human Rights Commission received a complaint about a sign outside the Liquorice & Lime restaurant in Kloof Street, Gardens, which read: “Eating two slices of bacon a day for breakfast reduces your consumption by 100%. chances of being a suicide bomber. . “

Commission spokeswoman Gail Smith said the complaint was filed on Monday, adding that they were busy dealing with the complaint.

“The commission notes the media interest in the subject matter of the complaint, but further notes that it is too early in the process to comment further.”

The painting was installed outside the restaurant earlier this year, but a photo of it made the rounds on social media last week, with many people calling it disgusting, while others appeared to be seeing it. humor in the message.

Liquorice & Lime owner Dylan Pritchard was unavailable for comment and the manager said he would not comment on the matter.

Pritchard responded with an apology to a post from Caitlin Cloete, who shared a photo of the painting.

“Please accept my sincere apologies for any violation. This particular sign was posted in February and removed within an hour, as we recognized it was a very poor attempt at satire – it had to be taken with a pinch of salt and a good dose of humor. We seriously have no intention of aligning ourselves with any particular group or alienating ourselves from another. It was definitely callous and misguided.

Tasneem Shadrach added her comment, saying she was not offended by the post.

“It is pure ignorance; it doesn’t even annoy me. I am so happy that people in other faith groups find this distasteful. I am so proud to be South African right now. Thank you lovely people. Let us continue to unite against injustice and defend the values ​​of our constitution.

Juan Pieterse said he found it interesting that people assumed the post was about Muslims.

“Interesting observation, why do most people see this sign as anti-Muslim instead of anti-vegan?

“People immediately assumed that this poster was targeting Muslims even though it never even mentioned religion. Shouldn’t you have a little bit of prejudice to make this leap? There are different types of suicide bombers around the world who blow themselves up for different causes. “

Shaadia Vawda posted a review on the Liquorice & Lime Facebook page and said: “I have never tasted the food, but when the owners make comments in bad taste it makes everything tasteless. In 2016, you should know better.

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