Fill in an over-indebtedness file

Prerequisites for an over-indebtedness file To file an over-indebtedness file with the Commission, certain conditions must be met: Have debts that are not of professional origin. To be French or foreign domiciled in France. Or be French living abroad but unable to repay debts from creditors who are established in Continue Reading

Getting into debt

You know all those months when money seems to be disappearing from your bank account – your car is in need of an unexpected repair, the payment for your cell phone is bigger than the previous month or your pants have torn. These little extras here and there seem to Continue Reading

4000 Euro Loan Compared

  4000 Euro credit: installment loans and alternatives to it   A € 4,000 loan does not have to be a classic installment loan from a bank. This is currently very cheap, but often cumbersome and not available to everyone. As alternatives offer z. For example, a short-term loan, a Continue Reading