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DC restaurant offers new menu for Hispanic Heritage Month


WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Immigrant Food, a local restaurant that uses food to celebrate, advocate and educate people on behalf of immigrants, has created a special fusion menu for Hispanic Heritage Month.

“We are all immigrants, aren’t we? At some point, we come from somewhere,” said restaurant co-founder and COO Tea Ivanovic. New menu items merge multiple cultures.

Culinary director Mila Montezuma said it was about creating harmony on the plate while bringing together diverse heritages. It was personally important to her when creating the dishes. She explained: “We have Peruvians, Brazilians, a bit of the Caribbean. For me it is very important. I am Hispanic myself, so this is very important.

Montezuma said the team chose street food to enhance the dining experience. “For us, street food brings that to people’s tables and they can feel like they’re in those places,” she said. Ivanovic added: “We talk a lot about memory palaces, so when you try the different dishes there is something that reminds you of the places you’ve been, where you come from or your heritage.”

The Immigrant Food menu features Hispanic-influenced dishes on their daily menu, but the street menu specials will only be available until October 7. There are three restaurants. You can find out more here.

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