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Dubai bans flowers and rose petals in restaurant dishes

Food stores in Dubai are no longer allowed to use flower petals as a decoration or as part of a meal, according to the Dubai Municipality.
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Dubai: Restaurants will no longer be able to serve flowers or rose petals with food and drinks, according to a recent municipal circular.

The circular stipulated that it is forbidden to use flowers, roses or its petals as decoration or as an ingredient in meals, according to the Arab daily. Emarat Al Youm.

The circular explained that the flower ban was based on the decision of the National Committee for Food Safety, which banned the use of natural flowers and roses of all kinds with any food and drink provided to ensure the quality of the meals offered. to Dubai.

All food establishments have been urged to comply with the rules with immediate effect.

Edible flowers

Although edible flowers have become a recent trend in the UAE, the use of rose petals as decoration on plates is nothing new.

Weed flowers and many edible flowers used for consumption are safe to eat, but to protect the health of consumers, food stores must ensure that the flowers do not contain pesticides. Customers should also be aware of their allergic reactions to these flowers before consuming them, according to a report published by the Journal of Experimental Agriculture International.

People who need to pay special attention to their allergies when ingesting flowers are those who suffer from asthma, pollen allergies, hay fever, and other types of allergies.

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