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Eagle Creek restaurant offers free meals to firefighters

The Eagle Creek Saloon served over 300 free meals last week.

EAGLE CREEK, Oregon – Megan Freauff has run the Eagle Creek Saloon for years. She may be in the middle of her proudest moment yet.

“We love our community,” she said. “Love our people here.”

Freauff runs a team of people who distribute free meals to firefighters and locals fighting forest fires on the road.

“Everyone has done a wonderful job keeping us safe and we want to thank you and this is our way of thanking you,” she said.

According to Freauff, the saloon has prepared more than 300 meals since the end of last week. Some of them were handed out by saloon boss Mike Gould.

“I feel like I want to help,” he said. “Most people want to help each other out. At least I think they do anyway.”

He’s on something over there. In Portland, there is something called World Central Kitchen. Celebrity chef Jose Andres has partnered with local chefs to provide food for those in need in the aftermath of a disaster, in this case forest fires. Representative Earl Blumenauer visited the World Central Kitchen site on Thursday.

“Chef Andres is world famous for being where they are needed,” said Blumenauer. “Whether it’s Puerto Rico helping here, moving south in the aftermath of hurricanes, showing how people can work together to meet this basic need.”

Working together to meet a need is exactly what happens at Eagle Creek Saloon. Manager Megan Freauff isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

“I will do this as long as this fire is active and is 100% contained and I have the resources to do it,” she said.

All of these free meals are made possible through donations. The Chicks, formerly known as The Dixie Chicks, made a generous donation. Their tour director is from the area and the band wanted to give back to the community.

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