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The credit card allows you to make purchases conveniently via the Internet. In addition, credit cards allow you to take advantage of various discounts when shopping both online and in selected outlets.

It is important when deciding to use credit cards to adequately protect yourself from the loss of funds.

The number of frauds on the Internet is increasing, which may lead to loss of funds for transactions. Credit cards are much more at risk of being stolen.

The security of credit cards is first of all knowledge of how you can most often lose funds on the card

The security of credit cards is first of all knowledge of how you can most often lose funds on the card

The most dangerous situations include the use of shopping in places that are dangerous. Many sites pretend to be sites of well-known companies and this is to obtain information from a credit card that can be used for theft.

Shopping in stores with a credit card

Shopping in stores with a credit card

It is important to maintain security when making purchases using a credit card. This is due to the fact that with credit cards, unlike payment cards, having a credit card allows you to provide all the data that allow you to complete the transaction. It is important, therefore, not to lose the card from sight.

Checking card statements

Checking card statements

If you have cards regularly used for payment then it is very important to decide to check account statements, which is very important from the point of view of the assessment whether unusual transactions have occurred.

This allows for much faster reacting to suspicious transactions and thus contacting the bank even to block the card or check the activity using the card.

Using credit cards also requires regular checking of the place of shopping. When using secured pages, it is important that they have the appropriate certificates, the padlock symbol.

Card insurance

Card insurance

Payment cards, including credit cards, can also be secured against theft or transactions that could lead to loss of funds. They allow insurance to cover them in case of loss of funds, which makes it possible to recover damages. At the same time, it is important to opt for such insurance that allows you to provide the right policy. Generally, most card issuing banks offer insurance.

Of course, it is a viable solution if you decide to use credit cards extensively. Deciding on the use of insurance requires taking into account the need to regularly pay for insurance. For this reason, it is very important to choose insurance only when it is profitable, otherwise it is not worth choosing a policy.

For people using credit cards outside of the country, when traveling, placing on credit cards is a beneficial solution and allowing effective protection of funds held on the account as well as funds transferred during shopping.


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Prerequisites for an over-indebtedness file

Prerequisites for an over-indebtedness file

To file an over-indebtedness file with the Commission, certain conditions must be met:

  • Have debts that are not of professional origin.
  • To be French or foreign domiciled in France.
  • Or be French living abroad but unable to repay debts from creditors who are established in France.

The steps to make an over-indebtedness file


To obtain the file, one must go to the branch of the Banque de France of his department. It is also possible to request the file by mail or download it on the Banque de France website. The file includes a notice and all the documents to be attached.

In case of difficulty to fill the file, it is possible to be helped by the agents of the Communal Center of Social Action (CCAS) of his commune.

Once the file is completed, it must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the nearest Commission. It is also possible to deposit it directly in the secretariat of the Commission . The registration of the file has the immediate consequence of registering the applicant to the FICP (Personal Credit Credits Incentive File).
But before filing the file, it must be completed and attach all necessary paperwork.

Overindebtedness file: the requested papers


  • Photocopy of the ID (CNI, passport, etc.)
  • The principal residence address
  • Proof of the personal and family situation (family record, judgment, divorce, etc.)
  • Statements of all the resources (bank statements, last payslips, statements of allowances, proof of retirement)
  • Statements of all assets (savings products, real estate, etc.)
  • Proof of charges and taxes (latest rent receipts, tax or non-taxation notices)
  • Statements of all outstanding debts (credits, invoices, etc.)
  • Creditor contact information
  • A signed letter exposing the situation of over-indebtedness
  • Possibly the name of the social worker asked to complete the file
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What is the borrowing capacity?

money borrower

The borrowing capacity is determined according to recurring expenses and perennial incomes of the borrower, in order to define the number of monthly payments to repay for the mortgage. It is thus admitted that the debt ratio, or the monthly payments, must not exceed 33% of the applicant’s income. an elucidation on

Moreover, in addition to the monthly payments to be repaid, the banks also take into account any other consumer loans in progress, as well as the daily management of the budget.

They can thus have a clear idea of ​​the capacity to assume the repayment of a mortgage.

For example, a household applying for a home loan and already having a current consumer credit will have less borrowing capacity for its purchase project; the monthly payments of this credit decreasing the borrowing capacity.

Remains to live and management

dollar money

On the other hand, banks also study the notion of “rest to live” , or the resources available to the borrower once the monthly payments are repaid. This means that a household with comfortable resources will generally be able to benefit from the indulgence of the banks and a threshold of flexibility regarding the debt ratio of 33%; the risk being lower for the bank compared to a household with more modest incomes.

The borrowing capacity, although it is the subject of a detailed study by the banking institutions and is based on a precise calculation method, is nevertheless closely linked to the way in which the applicant manages.

In any case, banks will always be more willing to put their trust in a modest household with some ability to save and spend reasonably than to a household with comfortable incomes that is flippant with money.

Borrowing capacity: calculation method

loan calculator

To know its borrowing capacity, it is, therefore, necessary to take into account its regular income (wages, industrial profits, commercial and non-commercial or agricultural), alimony, family allowances where applicable, investment income, dividends … and expenses they are also regular (loans in progress, pensions, monthly payments …). In other words :

Borrowing capacity: expenses x 100 / income

As a reminder, the result must be less than or equal to 33% in order to have enough leftover living and not risk too much debt, synonymous for banks risk of non-repayment.

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You know all those months when money seems to be disappearing from your bank account – your car is in need of an unexpected repair, the payment for your cell phone is bigger than the previous month or your pants have torn. These little extras here and there seem to make all the difference in your calculations at the end of the month. Then, the time of the week comes when you decide to go out with friends: you circulate from one bar to another unconsciously by burning your tickets for alcoholic beverages, tips, change rooms and taxi.

Money seems only part of the game


Welcome to the Canadian world where any purchase seems to be reasonably priced and affordable. Between money for tips, drinks, meals and taxis, many Canadians throw money into friends outings to bars and parties.

In 2011, alcohol spending on a Canadian was around $ 860

This trend of obtaining alcohol has steadily increased among young men and women. According to Statistics Canada, individuals categorized as heavy drinkers were those drinking more than five alcoholic beverages in one evening on a monthly basis.

From 1993 to 2011, the percentage of young adults categorized as heavy drinkers increased by 14%.
While the 2008 economic recession still lurks among Canadians, they are still celebrating on Saturday nights. However, Thursdays and Fridays are not so popular anymore.

In short, Canadians will continue to celebrate. By planning in advance, it is still possible to save money, even with a thirst for partying.

For those being squeezed with their money, spending $ 5 to $ 10 on drinks offering little alcohol could be disadvantageous for your wallet. In order to save money between friends, it is best to contribute to the purchase of bottles and get a portion of the bar to yourself.

In order to save a few dollars, drinking with friends in advance is preferable before going to party in bars. By dividing the price of the bottles, your costs of the evening will be drastically reduced.

By also planning your way back, you will save money

By also planning your way back, you will save money

Opt for night buses or split the price of a taxi with friends. If the money is gone, try contacting a friend living nearby to sleep at his house for the night.

Also, according to a study in 2006 “No Booze? You May Lose, “alcohol-consuming individuals, in general, earned more money than those who abstained from drinking. Indeed, this social activity coincides with greater monetary gains. As mentioned in the study, men attending bars at least once a month got 7% ​​bonus in addition to their 10% premium they have compared to non-drinkers. Even if, on the women’s side, drinking occasionally increases their income by 11%, drinking in a bar at least once a month does not seem to have any effect on their income.

Finally, partying and drinking with friends should be part of your budget. Costs accumulate quickly. $ 100 a week for only one-third of a year for out-of-pocket expenses can go back up to $ 1,700 a year. That’s the importance of keeping your expenses under control.
To summarize, it is necessary to calculate your fixed expenses: your rent, your cell, your car, etc. Then, the remaining money should be placed either in the payment of your debts or in a savings account, which should represent 20% to 50% of your income. The remaining money can end up in your pockets and, if you prefer to spend it on outings with friends, and have a good time.

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Many clients, even before visiting bank branches, want to know if they have a chance to get a loan, and what maximum amount they can count on. The main factor influencing the solution of this issue is the solvency of an individual, his financial capabilities. In this article we will try to tell you in a simple and accessible language how the solvency of a borrower is assessed and what the maximum allowable loan amount depends on.

Borrower’s income and loan amount


As already mentioned, to assess the creditworthiness of the borrower, banks analyze and take into account many factors. We told earlier about some of them, for example, about a credit history. Other parameters of interest to financiers, as a rule, are included in credit scoring (the nature of the client – education, the presence of children, experience, etc.). But still the main criterion, on which it directly depends, whether you will be denied a loan or not, is your financial capacity.

Earlier, in the pre-crisis period, banks were not so strict with the analysis of borrowers. In their calculations, they took into account unconfirmed sources of income, used less stringent methods for calculating the maximum possible loan amount. Today, the situation has changed and banks have become much more strict in assessing the financial capabilities of their clients. The main documents confirming the solvency of an individual are the employment record and a certificate of salary.

As we have already said, when calculating the maximum allowable loan amount, financiers use the concept of solvency, i.e. the ability of a person to fully and timely fulfill the payment obligations undertaken to creditors and budgets of all levels at the expense of the financial resources at his disposal. The easiest way to assess your own solvency is to calculate the difference in monthly income and expenses and compare the resulting value with the size of the monthly loan payment. Naturally, if the balance is lower, you will have to either refuse the loan or agree to reduce it.

Some banks use other schemes, for example, they assume that the repayment amount should be no more than 1/2, 1/3 or 1/5 of the amount of the borrower’s monthly income, and they are repelled by these numbers. Others assume that after all payments on their obligations (including loans) are made, the borrower should still have about 20-30% of available funds. These techniques came to Russia from the West, where the notion of “financial comfort” is popular: a person should not feel financial pressure, then he can work quietly and pay his loan. If most of the income goes to repay the loan and the borrower has to literally refuse everything in himself – this depresses him, he begins to work worse and as a result may refuse to pay the debt altogether.

Regardless of the chosen scheme for calculating the maximum possible amount of a monthly loan payment, in which the borrower can repay it without detriment to his budget, the bank operates with the concept of “net income”. This value is calculated as the difference between documented income and average fixed costs. Costs may be as follows:

  • monthly payments on previously taken loans;
  • utility payments, incl. payment of telecommunications services;
  • rent;
  • taxes paid (including movable and immovable property);
  • payment for education;
  • alimony and other payments under the writs of execution;
  • payments under insurance contracts;
  • other payments.

Each bank develops its own scheme for calculating the maximum allowable loan amount and monthly payment, and also establishes their dependence on the amount of income received using special coefficients. In more detail about these formulas, we describe below.

Calculation of the maximum permissible monthly loan payment

Calculation of the maximum permissible monthly loan payment

Consider one of the most popular algorithms for determining the borrower’s solvency and calculating the maximum allowable loan amount, based on the value of his monthly income. So, after the bank specialists receive the documents confirming the borrower’s income and his profile, in which the client indicates all his expenses, the financiers perform the following operations:

  • determine net income (total income minus expenses);
  • calculate the maximum allowable monthly payment ;
  • based on the value of this payment, determine the maximum possible loan amount and term.

The overwhelming majority of banks assume that every month a client can spend on repaying a loan not all net income, but only part of it. In addition, each financial institution sets its own solvency ratio, or correction factor (K p). The maximum monthly payment is calculated by the formula:

EP = D h * K p where

TU – maximum monthly payment; 
D h – net income.

At the same time, the solvency ratio, depending on the financial institution and the type of lending program, varies from 0.4 to 0.7. As a rule, with mortgage lending (mortgage or car), financiers assume that a client may spend most of his net income (fear of losing collateral) to pay off debt, while the situation with unsecured loans is different. The risks are higher for them, so banks set up a repayment schedule in such a way that customers have at least 50% of available funds after making a mandatory monthly loan payment. Also, the value of the correction factor may depend on the size of the borrower’s income. For example, if your salary is less than 15 thousand rubles, the “amendment” will be 0.3; with income from 15 to 25 thousand rubles. the coefficient will be equal to 0.5; and with incomes above 25 thousand rubles. – 0.6.

It should be noted that when calculating the average costs are not taken into account expenses for accommodation (food, clothing, purchase of essential goods, medicines, etc.). That is why the amount that remains with the borrower after paying off the loan and other regular payments should not be less than the subsistence minimum (some organizations themselves set the minimum and prescribe it in the credit policy).

An approximate calculation of the loan amount and repayment schedules in accordance with your individual conditions you can do in

Recently, we considered the loans offered by banks. Now we will focus on what the maximum amount of consumer credit is available for individuals and how to calculate the loan amount on salary.

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4000 Euro credit: installment loans and alternatives to it

4000 Euro credit: installment loans and alternatives to it


A € 4,000 loan does not have to be a classic installment loan from a bank. This is currently very cheap, but often cumbersome and not available to everyone. As alternatives offer z. For example, a short-term loan, a framework loan, mortgage or a foreign loan. Here, the costs are a bit higher, but the chances of a commitment as well. An overview of various 4000 euro loan providers.

Even small loans are often cumbersome for banks

Even small loans are often cumbersome for banks


Installment loans are currently cheaper than ever. However, the low interest rate policy of the ECB benefits only those who have at least a good credit rating. Those who are self-employed or not employed for such a long time, earn little or have only mediocre private credit scores, have to pay considerably more. For many banks, consumers with slightly below-average creditworthiness no longer receive loans, precisely because interest rates are so low.

The reason: banks want to shine in the competition with low interest rates. In addition, the institutions are transparent and refrain from individually setting the loan interest. The consequence: Low unit interest rates, which exclude a part of the interested parties.

With smaller amounts of credit, the expense that can be associated with borrowing is also significant. On the one hand, many banks are investing in the development of fully digital application paths. On the other hand, many institutions still require extensive proof of income and proof of identity, including printout, going to the post office and, if necessary, calling back by an administrator.

For a 4000 euro credit, this effort is not always justified. It may therefore be worthwhile to take a look at alternatives to the installment loan. Framework loans, short-term loans, loans without private credit, securities loans and mortgages are eligible.

4000 euros loan with revolving credit line

4000 euros loan with revolving credit line


Anyone who needs 4,000 euros in credit can apply for a revolving credit line (“framework credit”). Such credit lines are offered separately or in conjunction with credit cards. Account holders can access the credit line at any time – by bank transfer to their own account, cash deposit at the ATM or card payment.
The repayment is flexible. Payments of any amount can be made at any time. In addition, a minimum repayment is due per month, which, depending on the provider, amounts to between 2% and 10% of the amount claimed on the settlement date. The minimum repayment at 4000 euro credit thus starts at 80 euros.

Interest accrues only on shares actually used in the credit line. Framework loans are thus suitable as a liquidity reserve. Especially in connection with credit cards, the acceptance criteria are often moderate. Since a proof of income is often waived and up to 4000 € credit a flawless private credit sufficient, even students can apply for the framework loans.
Once established, the credit line is available at all times, even after an interim repayment of the loan. Account holders can borrow 4,000 euros without renewed application.

4000 Euro credit as a lightning loan with same day payout

4000 Euro credit as a lightning loan with same day payout


With some German Payday Loan offerers a 4000 euro loan with immediate payment is available. This loan amount marks the upper range of amounts available as microcredit. The advantage of these loans: The money is available in the best case within one hour on your own account and can be withdrawn the same day.

The loan applications are typically straightforward. The identity is verified by videoident and the contract is signed with digital signature. Proof of income can be uploaded in electronic form. This does not require a trip to the post office.

However, those who earn little or no income should not have false hopes. A 4000 euro credit without proof of income does not exist even with payday loan providers. If it is advertised to refrain from such proof, this usually refers to very small loan amounts below 200 euros. These do not legally constitute consumer credit and therefore do not require a qualified credit check.

In general, payday loans are not cost drivers, because the terms are short and the loan amounts are manageable. However, the nature of the loans (quick and easy) depends on additional services, which can be very expensive. These include z. For example, the same day payout and repayment of the loan in several installments.
Short-term loans are often available on the same day and easily available. With many additional benefits, the small loans but expensive.

4000 Euro credit without private credit from abroad

4000 Euro credit without private credit from abroad


If there is a negative private credit entry, a credit comparison in the German market is unnecessary anyway: Almost no bank grants loans without a positive response from Wiesbaden. In this case, 4000 euros credit without private credit from abroad are possible. However, this requires that there are no “hard” negative characteristics and that the applicant obtains a sufficient income from a secure employment relationship.

The choice of loan amounts and terms is limited. Typical are net loan amounts of approx. 3,000 to 8,000 euros for medium durations of three to four years. The interest rates are roughly at the level of an average disposition credit.

The foreign banks waive the request for a query at private credit and do not report this to the borrowing. Nevertheless, a credit check takes place. This relies on the one hand on public directories, in which hard negative features are listed. On the other hand, applicants must provide self-assessment. Single persons without maintenance and credit obligations have to earn at least € 1,150 net per month for a € 4,000 loan. The self-employed, students and the unemployed are definitely not getting the loans.

4000 euros loan from the pawnbroker

4000 euros loan from the pawnbroker


4000 Euro credit are also available from the pawnbroker. Mortgage loans are very straightforward: a valuable asset is deposited and borrowed at a certain percentage of its market value. For a 4000 euro credit z. B. a high-quality watch worth about 6,000 euros. The loan is immediately paid in cash and repaid by default after three months. If a repayment is not possible then the loan can be extended. An interest rate of 1.0% accrues per month. In addition, fees for the storage and insurance of the deposit must be paid.

Mortgage loans are a very straightforward way to raise liquidity. The only requirement is the possession of a non-encumbered asset suitable for deposit. The loan will be paid on the same day. Income and private credit of the borrower are not checked. Even if the loan is not repaid, there are no potential negative consequences, apart from the fact that the deposit will be auctioned at auction. If the redeemed value exceeds the demand of the pawnbroker, the difference must be reimbursed to the previous owner of the item.
Meanwhile, there are also individual online pawn shops. Here, the pledge is sent by post and the loan is paid by bank transfer.

Securities loan even with a small deposit

Securities loan even with a small deposit


Securities loans are another alternative to installment loans. More and more banks are also offering them for relatively small amounts: 4000 euros credit and less is possible unlike ten years ago.

A securities loan works much like a credit line. The holder of a custody account is granted a credit line that can be accessed at any time. The access takes place z. B. by transfer to a checking account. The loan is secured by the securities held in the custody account.

As a result of the collateralization, there is almost no risk of default for the bank, with the result that interest rates on securities loans are very low. The repayment is flexible: Often not even a monthly minimum repayment is required. The interest will be charged to the credit account.

The amount of a security loan will depend on the market value of the securities in the portfolio. Typically, blue chip stocks can be encumbered with 50% of their market value, industrialized bonds with 80% of their market value.

There is a certain risk: if the prices of the loaned securities fall very sharply, there may be a reduction of the credit line by the bank. If the amount of the loan in question exceeds the granted credit limit, there is a tolerated overdraft. In the worst case, this leads to the short-term termination of the credit line.

Securities loans are available without proof of income and many banks even without private credit information. Dispositions are possible immediately after setup. Some brokers even set up a credit line for their clients without request. Important: It must be possible to pay off the loan in a current account: Some providers can only use the lines of credit to buy securities.
As an alternative to the lending of securities accounts, the lending of life insurance policies and savings contracts may also be considered. 4000 Euro credit are then available from about 6000 Euro repurchase value or Bauspar credit. The short-term lending of such contracts is often much cheaper than the termination.

Interest-free promotional loans for new customers

Interest-free promotional loans for new customers


4000 Euro loan interest-free for six months? With new customer actions that is possible. Banks occasionally apply framework and discretionary loans with an interest-free start-up phase. If the loan is repaid within this phase, there are no costs.

Banks are not wholly unselfish: the providers hope for a greater utilization of the loans by the customers of the interest-free period. The calculation: Not all will repay the initially interest-free 4000 euro loan within the interest-free phase.

Why Is A Commercial Property Software Required? /why-is-a-commercial-property-software-required/ Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:10:23 +0000 /?p=17 Continue Reading]]> People who have already been struggling with poor credit status may possibly depend on this option of money landings

These options 50 lb loans direct by text do not require providing your own credit details. No security condition is attached using these plans. Renters or no house owners can use it during a financial emergency. The upper restrict of borrowing cash is definitely 1000 pounds and you can obtain a sum for next two years. This way the whole amount could be returned in small components. The installments may be depending on monthly payments. Interest charges aren’t high on these sums and you may have cash support without collateral risk. He needs to be more than 18 years old. Twenty-four-month payday loans are the programs that arrange fund with additional easiness.

Which means you are starting a coffee shop. Before you decide to sign any lease, make sure to read it. You will be surprised how ‘boilerplate’ the majority of commercial leases are. Attempt to do everything you can to obtain what you want in your lease. Which is, things that will benefit your business first. Most rents usually benefit the landlord, not really the tenant. However, should you not feel that you can negotiate your own personal lease consider a commercial real estate property attorney or an experienced industrial Realtor.

Evaluate the real estate agent’s part. Real estate agents have historically symbolized landlords and the landlord offers paid the agent’s charge. If the agent is demonstrating all over town at several locations represented by various other agents, fee splitting might be taking place. Ask yourself who the particular agent is representing. Could be the agent representing you or maybe the landlord? Who is paying for them? In business, real estate loans commissions are usually 6%. If the tenant will pay a more rent, then the real estate agent gets a better paycheck.

And no, we have been not referring to borrowers which are late, have negative developments, etc

We are talking about steady commercial real estate loans calculator loans, that the current bank needs out of, for his or her own internal issues. I actually. e. the bank needs liquidity to survive. They have their own funds problems and, apparently clearing up commercial loans is really a potential solution.

First Interstate Bank provides several branch locations within the Missoula valley, as well as consist of cities in Western Montana. They provide 24-hour cell phone banking services that allow you to definitely check your balance, transfer money to other First Interstate Checking accounts, and that allows you to check rates of interest. They also offer savings accounts, cash market accounts, direct down payment of your paychecks, industrial services, and overdraft security options. They specialize in commercial lending, consumer loans, customer service, earnest, and investments. One benefit that this bank offers is it has an express lane intended for consumer accounts in their generate through so you don’t have to spend time waiting in a long series to make a business deposit.

Not likely. It really is against regulatory policy. Imaginable what would happen if individuals were told of an impending financial institution failure while the bank staffers are in the midst of the merger or bailout. However, you might not feel all that sympathetic towards them, the fact continues to be that you aren’t likely to be informed of an impending bank failing.

One of their principal advantages is that the percentage a person pay back each month will vary along with how good your sales are actually. If you have had a particularly lower month, then the amount a person pays back will also come down. Preparing without you having to worry in regards to a loss of collateral or gathering a bad credit history.

CoStar Group found that will price for investment quality properties rose 5. 5% in September and that ideals are down 4. 9% from a year earlier plus 29% from two years back.

SNCF Réseau sees its debt still swell by 3.1 billion euros /sncf-reseau-sees-its-debt-still-swell-by-3-1-billion-euros/ Thu, 19 Apr 2018 13:03:16 +0000 /?p=14 Continue Reading]]> The former Réseau Ferré de France plans 1,500 renovation projects for the rail network in 2015

SNCF Réseau (formerly Réseau Ferré de France), the manager of railways in France, continues to live beyond its means. And, therefore, to get business loans. At the end of 2014, the net loss reached 213 million euros, it was 60 million in 2013, for a turnover of 5.9 billion euros, up 4%, announced the public company, Thursday, February

On the other hand, apply for business loans for bad credit. In 2014, it represented 36.78 billion euros, against 33.7 billion a year earlier. The drift of SNCF Réseau’s debt is not entirely the fault of the public company. Far from it. Certainly, and for many years, the former RFF does not fully cover its maintenance and network development costs for lack of sufficient public funding. But in addition, SNCF Réseau is plagued by financial expenses of 1.4 billion euros annually to manage the debt inherited in 1997 from the SNCF.

Added to this are the decisions of the state, not always consistent. Thus, between 2012 and 2016, the railway’s manager has to pay out of his money- which he does not have and therefore has to borrow – 1 billion euros a year to pay in part for the four new large lines. speed (LGV) currently under construction.


Once these lines are installed, however, a golden rule will come into force, imposed by the railway reform voted in the summer of 2014: if the State decides an LGV, it can not make it the financial responsibility to SNCF Network. The measure is late, but it should be a deterrent to credit development of the network.

Meanwhile, the small business loans will continue to swell until 2017 significantly. It is expected to slow its expansion as expenses fall and the group will improve productivity and streamline purchases. By 2020, SNCF Réseau promises a reduction of its costs and purchases of 500 million euros, notably by reviewing its cooperation with its suppliers.


In addition, SNCF Réseau faces more than 1.35 billion euros of unpaid claims in its accounts by public authorities. If high-speed lines under construction have been entrusted to construction giants in the form of public-private partnerships, half of these projects are paid for by public money. Whether it is SNCF Réseau, the State or the public authorities. In this case, it is the public company that collects money from the local authorities and transfers it to the line construction groups.

However, the communities refuse to pay to put pressure politically on the State. Thus, for the TGV-Est line, for example, some communities are calling for the electrification of the Paris-Troyes line, a decision that has never been recorded. And the public company should drag these communities to court so that they end up paying.

For the Paris-Bordeaux line, communities north of Bordeaux have stopped paying for the new TGV line until they know if they will be properly (in their eyes) served by the new line. And south of Bordeaux, communities refuse to pay as long as the extension of the line to Toulouse is not recorded …


At the same time, due to both the economic situation, the strike in June 2014 and the rationalization of SNCF’s offer (fewer trains, better filled), the traffic on the lanes managed by SNCF Réseau is declining slightly ( 1.6%) and with him the income. Over ten years, traffic fell by 10%, between freight and the traveler, weighing on the accounts of the company. In the regions, this should continue as regional authorities rationalize their offer.
Despite this, the SNCF does not intend to slow down the work. In 2015, the infrastructure manager will invest 2.14 billion euros for maintenance and 2.77 billion for renovation, two and a half times more than in 2007. The only Ile-de-France will benefit from an envelope of € 1.1 billion. And in total, fifteen hundred yards should be committed to renovating a thousand kilometers of tracks, as in 2014.

For lack of arms, twenty programs of work planned in 2015 will be postponed to 2017, as announced Alain Vidalies, Secretary of State for transport Wednesday, February 18, the time to launch the four new LGV, which mobilize many employees of SNCF Réseau.

However, despite the increase in resources allocated to the renovation of the rail system, the network continues to grow by one and a half months per year. It will be necessary to wait until 2025 if SNCF Réseau keeps this level of sustained investment so that the network begins to rejuvenate …

Vendôme jeweler side, courtyard a crook. Roland Dayan, former manager of Bokassa, exploited the credulity of its customers. /vendome-jeweler-side-courtyard-a-crook-roland-dayan-former-manager-of-bokassa-exploited-the-credulity-of-its-customers/ Sun, 11 Feb 2018 10:57:22 +0000 /?p=11 Continue Reading]]> The old diamond of the Place Vendome Roland Dayan listened without apparent emotion his “clients” described as a vicious monster. Accused of fraud and improper exercise of the credit institution activity, it appeared from Monday to Wednesday before the Criminal Court of Versailles along with five members of his family, two former Credit Agricole and its employees and Bernard André Lemeignen Prima. Sitting with those of his clan, leaning on crutches that help move his enormous belly, Roland Dayan, 50, were safe godfather-like his impunity. A strange smile played on his lips as if he relished the court’s efforts to unravel the mechanisms of the alleged scam. He seemed almost tender when one of the tips of the plaintiff, Master Cohen-Sabban, said of him: “This man is a gentleman, he will stop at nothing.” Most lawyers have described him as character “extraordinary”, both by its lack of scruples that its “persuasive powers” extraordinary.

In the 70s, he was entrusted by Jean-Bedel Bokassa Marshal managing the affairs of the Central African Empire, including cases of expensive diamonds to the President for life. The evocation of this noble activity made shiver of curiosity the sparse audience of the 5th bedroom.

The incredibly voluminous trial record, it appears that at least 114 investors have agreed to Dayan loans for the purchase of precious stones including trading quickly allow a refund plus interest unbeatable. Fifty-two lenders apparently never recovered their investment. According to the prosecution, the overall damage would be about 30 million francs. Respecting the principle that “no one may invoke his own turpitude,” the vast majority of victims (including several doctors and business leaders Yvelines) had to give up a civil action. The hearing would indeed too clearly reveal that these “investments” escaped mostly to the tax authorities. Robert Dayan would have had very good reasons to smile frankly misadventures of these scammers conned. The court heard Gilbert Loutelier, wealthy and honest victim, retired architect of 85 years, who met the jeweler on the day of his golden wedding anniversary, when he bought at 21, Place Vendôme, a beautiful emerald to his wife. In August 1988, the wealthy octogenarian Trouville signed a “loan protocol” on paper Vendome header Diamond, a new company located at 7, Place Vendome, CEO Liliane Dayan, Orlando’s wife. Seven years later, Gilbert Loutelier still expects the loan of 3 million that was to bring him at least 12% per year. “Why not just an investment good father?” Wanted to know the president. The victim was content to complain that she had been “dazzled” by the luxury Dayan, for his art and jewelry, for, he was told, “Caroline and the Queen of England “. A year later, when the first returned unpaid checks issued by the jeweler, the old man had been worried reassured by the presence alongside Andre Dayan Lemeignen, heir to a very respectable family Versailles bankers. The two men were known in the empire of Bokassa. Founder of Cotec, Lemeignen became official in April 1989 manager of Leda Distribution. Directed by Roland de facto Dayan, the new company was supposed to commercialize Vendome diamond jewelry store in the sumptuous Golden Square on George V Avenue. When in the summer of 1989 the Vendôme Diamond lenders have begun to worry seriously, they are told that the big juicy case is tomorrow: first with the signing of a contract with the brand Balmain, secondly with the imminent entry of the Rothschild group in the capital of Leda up to 4.5 million francs. Credit Agricole Meuse, happy elected Leda company has also shown resolutely optimistic despite the many “incidents” related to the issuance by Leda of 5 million francs checks, the bank has Indeed granted without serious guarantees significant cash loans Leda. One of bankruptcy accused of complicity bankers recognized that the conditions for granting loans Leda were at least “unusual”. Dayan had apparently convinced, for example by announcing the upcoming opening of the Antwerp Bourse was no problem to get the embarrassment. Lenders have wanted to believe, until the imprisonment of Roland Dayan in spring 1990. Since then, bad business turned to tragedy for the less fortunate “investors” Dayan, especially those that had him Bernard brought Prima, former head of securities at the Société générale de Maisons-Laffitte. Clearly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the scam, this plea and a bit cramped was particularly mistreated at the hearing by former clients of the agency to which he signed windfall loan protocols with 10% per quarter. Thanks to the good advice Prima, spouses Koury modest retired craftsmen have lost a million francs they had painfully spared. Better yet, to try to save them up, they had agreed to sign new contracts with Robert Dayan himself. The artist had actually ripped off a few hundred thousand more francs. The Koury has been living in squalor. To settle their debts, Societe Generale, magnanimously offered them a “credit trust”. The prosecutor requested yesterday to five years imprisonment against former Jean-Bedel Bokassa advisor.