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Goldbelly ships your favorite restaurant dishes nationwide

We all know that one of the best parts of traveling is experiencing the local cuisine. Even here in the United States there are certain foods from certain places that are just… well, better. Think about it: you can’t visit the south without experiencing the traditional barbecue. You can’t visit New York City without snacking on a bagel. And you certainly can’t stop in Chicago without gulping down a deep pizza. I mean, have you ever dreamed of a North Dakota clam chowder? Or an Arizona cheesesteak? Somehow I highly doubt it.

So naturally, it was disappointing when the summer vacation plans were canceled. Obviously we love the beach, the lake, the national parks, the sun, family time – but, that other undeniable thing that we all have really love? The food.

Enter golden belly, a digital marketplace that brings local culinary specialties from across the country right to your doorstep. Live in Oregon, but want a freshly baked Georgia peach pie? No problem. Live in Rhode Island, but want some hot Tex-Mex? Future.

I know what you’re thinking… you can’t ship perishables across the country in this heat! But that’s what sets Goldbelly apart from other food delivery companies. Since their inception in 2013, they have worked closely with independent restaurants, bakeries and businesses to find precise formulas to ship treats nationwide while ensuring the same quality as if you had stood in line at the store. yourself. Between dry ice, overnight shipping, and frozen options, they’ve got it all. And each order comes with specifically detailed instructions for reheating (or defrosting) top-notch pleasure.

You can easily search through the site’s offers by region, item category or restaurant. And Goldbelly did the work of curating certain selections by theme or mood. There is even a list celebrating legendary dark food makers!

Thanks to this model, Goldbelly is able to amplify the business of many regional gems (formerly hidden!). Since the tech company handles all e-commerce and communications, this is a simple and useful way for small businesses to get into the digital game with no upfront investment. Pretty revolutionary, right? And with social distancing in our lives for the foreseeable future, it’s now the it’s time to get comfortable with food delivery.

As a New York resident who is currently in “quarantine” with my family in Ohio, Goldbelly has fulfilled all my food cravings. Of Magnolia Bakery (Banana pudding. Need I say more?), To Prince Street Pizza, and Russ and girls, they have all the famous spots. For a birthday party last week, my family ordered hand-wrapped Florida artisan ice cream, mini cakes topped with famous South Carolina buttercream frosting, and pineapples straight from the Hawaiian Islands.

What I love about Goldbelly’s mission is that they understand that food can be more than just a livelihood. Of course, you can definitely go to the grocery store and have fun trying to recreate some of these recipes. And we can’t forget how important it is to support our own local businesses right now. But sometimes you just can’t beat that first bite in a beloved dish or iconic pastry that you haven’t been able to get out of your head for months. Especially at this time, when we are all physically grounded, we feel a little nervous and in need of a pick-me-up. The food is nostalgic – a memory, a connection, a comfort, a moment of joy.

So even if our summer travel plans are canceled, our favorite food indulgences don’t have to be. We may be stuck at home on the couch – but with a decadent lobster roll in our hands (I recommend McLooms Lobster Shack – where the lobster is top notch and the kit is topped with homemade buns, salted sea butter and pickles!) and a good imagination, we might as well be sitting on a dock somewhere in the middle of Maine , the sun on our faces, swinging our feet in the lake.

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