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Google Maps uses AI to highlight restaurant dishes

Continuing on a theme we touched on just a day ago, Google Maps has added another improvement that moves the popular navigation app deeper into territory that doesn’t really have much to do with helping you navigate. direct you from point A to point B. In this case, Google has added a new feature to Maps which is now available on Android (and which will arrive on the iOS version in “the next few months”) and implies that the app uses AI to highlight the most popular dishes in restaurants.

In one corporate blog post today, Google Maps product manager Ronnie Falcon explained that this new feature is an extension of the significant amount of information Maps already provides when it comes to restaurants. Things like how to get there, reviews and ratings, and an assortment of photos. “But when you’re browsing the menu, you’re probably wondering, what’s good? Now, Google Maps makes it easy to “cover” a restaurant’s favorite dishes with a new popular dishes feature. “

Falcon explains that a machine learning algorithm matches the names of dishes provided by Map users with relevant photos and reviews. The result is a convenient arrangement of a particular restaurant’s most popular items, right at your fingertips in the app.

This means that all you have to do is open Google Maps, search for a restaurant, and you can instantly check out its most popular dishes in the restaurant’s overview tab. You can then take a closer look at the menu and tap popular dishes to explore reviews and photos, again, all from Maps.

As we mentioned yesterday in our article About Google Maps Now Showing Speed ​​Limits And Safety Cameras In Over 40 Cameras, Today’s News Is Part Of The Growing Trend And Multifaceted Functionality Of Google Maps. As Falcon explains, “From a redesigned Explore tab in Google Maps that helps you find things to do, group scheduling features that make it easier to coordinate with friends and family, and now popular dishes, Google Maps helps you get out there and enjoy the world. “

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