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Heights restaurant outrageous chicken and ice cream sandwich

Social media users have strong opinions on a new ‘secret menu’ item on Mico’s Hot Chicken. When the Nashville-style hot chicken restaurant recently began offering vanilla ice cream as a garnish on its signature sandwiches, people were quick to voice their opinions in comments to one. Instagram post.

Co-owner Kimico Frydenlund shared screenshots of comments with people accusing the restaurant of promoting diabetes, heart attacks and, in the words of one user, “I just reported this post for assault. It’s a fucking betrayal. She tells CultureMap that she knew putting ice cream on a hot chicken sandwich could be controversial, but she didn’t expect people to be so mean about it.

“I knew it would get people talking,” she says. “I had no idea it would get controversial to the point where we’ve had comments where people are hoping our business fails or that I lose everything I love. It was shocking to say the least. “

Needless to say, none of these people actually tried the combination. Frydenlund defends the admittedly messy sandwich.

“I love the cold and the sweetness associated with the spiciness of hot chicken,” she says. “I would suggest being ‘hot’ or ‘extra hot’ or it’s too sweet. “

Despite the outrage, the article will remain available to anyone who knows how to ask for it. The owner encourages people to come to Mico and try it out for themselves.

“Surprisingly, we had a great response from those who had the courage to try it. They actually like the combo, ”she says.

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