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Hobart’s waterfront restaurant offers an incredible menu on an Electrolux Professional


Aloft Restaurant is a popular hub for Hobart locals who love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and of course, delicious food. Located on the top floor of the award-winning Brooke Street Pier on Hobart’s majestic waterfront, the restaurant offers spectacular harbor views.

Designed with a spacious and airy feel, the heart of the restaurant is the open kitchen where talented chefs prepare freshly prepared dishes from an Asian pan-Pacific inspired menu with a unique Tasmanian twist that simply bursts with flavor.

Leading the incredible team is chef Christian Ryan, who has been cooking for 14 years and did part of his training at the Savoy Grill in London with infamous British chef Gordon Ramsay.

Christian and his team are passionate about local produce and are committed to working with some of Tasmania’s best producers. The menu is designed to reflect the changing seasons and showcases the best, freshest local produce.

An interesting aspect of the restaurant is that it has no gas supply. The Brooke Street Pier is not just a building, but a four-story floating pontoon that rises and falls with the tide with no stable connection to land. As connection to the gas network was not possible, Aloft’s kitchen was designed around electricity. However, the Asian menu required high heat cooking usually generated by gas.

The adaptable team at Electrolux Professional was able to help Aloft create an open kitchen that was clean, aesthetic and functional. An Electrolux Professional combi oven became a giant bamboo steamer for the perfect steaming of dumplings, greens and proteins, while the modular flat top proved invaluable as a skillet substitute for dumplings.

Christian is delighted with how the open kitchen turned out as well as the level of service and training received on the equipment. In the three years since the restaurant was fitted with an Electrolux Professional kitchen, the team has had no problems with the equipment.

“Electrolux has a strong brand. Everywhere I’ve worked we’ve had Electrolux to some degree in the kitchen. It’s a name everyone knows and it’s reliable. I would recommend Electrolux to anyone opening a kitchen,” commented Christian.

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