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Although the Belfast City Marathon is an occasion to congratulate those who walk the streets, it does make getting around somewhat difficult.

That said, a brisk walk to Wellington Place got us to our Sunday lunch reservation at Home Restaurant.

We weren’t the only ones – even at 1pm there were groups of hungry athletes waiting to be watered and eaten.

Bright and airy, Home is a recent find and its Sunday menu (two or three courses) offers substantial food for all appetites, whether you’ve already completed a marathon or not.

There are vegan and gluten-free menus, offering dishes such as crispy tandoori tofu, a far cry from the more generic dishes of the past.

Appetizers include three bean soup and potted duck confit and parfait, but we wanted more food so went straight for the main course.

The traditionalist ordered roast chicken, accompanied by roast potatoes, root vegetables, two puffy Yorkshire puddings and generously coated in red wine juice.

The roasts were the best I had tasted outside of the Toner house and the chicken was moist and tender. Thumbs up.

The other guest feasted on the homemade beef and bone marrow burger, garnished with Emmental cheese and tomato jam, and served with fries.

Describing the burger as “tasty”, she was also delighted that in a sea of ​​brioche burger buns, it was a relief to see the appearance of a sesame bun. The tomato jam was quite sweet, but a good balance with the gluttony of the burger.

A serving of parmesan and truffle mayonnaise wasn’t exactly necessary but was sucked in, in sympathy with our fellow athletic diners. A small thing, but the truffle mayonnaise was on the side, which meant we could both enjoy the side dish. Other accompaniments include mashed truffles, roasted vegetables and a Caesar salad, all at £4.95 each.

Now on to the main event, the sweet stuff. Taking my mum’s word that the sticky caramel pudding was “amazing”, my friend ordered it and it lived up to the recommendation. A good sized pudding, coated and swimming in sauce with the right amount of ice cream, was finished in minutes.

While I had the FOMO dessert – determined to order something different – I opted for the poached and caramelized pineapple served with a spicy syrup and coconut sorbet and it was delicious. The pineapple still had some bite and the sorbet was creamy but refreshing.

It’s a simple dessert well made but which would benefit from having another texture, perhaps a biscuit.

By the time we were leaving the restaurant was filling up nicely. The Home team is awesome; friendly, docile and genuinely interested in talking to customers.

We felt ready for an epic walk…or maybe an afternoon nap, we were so full. Home cooking is definitely an experience to be had.

The food

Burger €21.95

Roast chicken €21.95

Parmesan and truffle fries €4.95

Pineapple 4€

Sticky Caramel Pudding £4

American €3.15

Tea €2.95

TOTAL £62.95


A service ****

Food ***

Decor ****

Vegetarian ****

Restaurant at home

22 Wellington Place, Belfast.
Tel: 028 9023 4946

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