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How Superfood is a hit on the restaurant menu


A trend only becomes a trend when there is a change in customer behavior. Superfoods are one of the most discussed trends today, which in no time have become a part of our daily lives. However, there is no scientific or related definition of superfood in the dictionary.

With health conscious people working in such a stressful environment, it has become imperative for people to contact a nutritionist. This is how people realize the magic of eating superfoods.

Lately, chefs have also discovered the value of superfoods by incorporating something healthy and nutritious into their menu. Restaurants like Cafe Delhi Heights, Annamaya at Anadaz to name a few have also incorporated something healthy into their restaurant and offer the same to customers and guests. This is how restaurants came up with the idea of ​​having their own “Superfood” menu. Ingredients like amaranth, coconut oil, moringa, lotus seeds and aloevera to name a few find a place in the restaurant menu being their local Indian origin and very clean and readily available.

The idea was that typically a cheat meal for most of us would be a trip to our favorite restaurant, but today in restaurants, every day can be a cheat day with the superfood menu. that they offer. The menu is like a bible with all the information people can take home. It has the importance of each super food used and also our menu recipes.

However, when this type of menu was initially launched, people in the industry were skeptical about how it would turn out, but customers started to follow the trend and appreciate it. Soon the menu took over and people started coming to many restaurants just for the superfood menu. People are also adopting these recipes at home. The Superfood menu offers very simple and comforting dishes in which the superfood is not only a secondary ingredient, but is the hero of the dish.

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