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How to Create a Restaurant Menu in Microsoft Word in 4 Easy Steps

So you have achieved the dream of a lifetime of opening your own restaurant or cafe and you need to create your menu, but you are not sure where to start. You’ve probably heard of design programs like Photoshop or Dreamweaver, but you don’t need them to create a beautiful and professional menu. No, the only program you need is the one you probably use every day; Microsoft Word. In this guide, we’ll answer that question and show you how to create a restaurant menu in Word.

How to Create a Restaurant Menu in Microsoft Word

You will need a licensed version of Word to go through this process, you can purchase Office from Microsoft’s website or follow this link to buy Word. Now let’s get started!

Step 1: Find a menu

Open your Word and select To file so New. Type “Menu” in the search bar at the top of the screen and press Enter. This will give you a list of available menu templates; you can also browse the templates available on the Microsoft website and download them to Word.

Step 2: Create a new menu

When you find a design you like, click on it and then select To create. This will open the template for you to edit.

Step 3: Edit the template

Now you can fill all your dishes, drinks and specialties and replace any of the stock images with your own. Basically, let your creativity run wild and create a menu that does your establishment justice.

Step 4: Customize the menu

Make sure to add your own color scheme to the menu to match the theme of the restaurant. To do this, select Design in the menu at the top of the screen then click on Colors. This will give you a list of the available color schemes and allow you to create your own if you want.

Enjoy your lunch!

While it’s also possible to create a menu from scratch in Word, using a template allows you to move from the laborious formatting part of the process to the fun and creative part of adding your own. delicious dishes, your own images and anything that adds to the charm of your restaurant. If you want to streamline the process even further, check out our list of keyboard shortcuts in Word. here, which allows you to work even faster and more efficiently.

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