Restaurant dishes

How to make restaurant food at home, according to TikTok star Jeremy Scheck

Once you have all the right food staples on hand, the best way to make your recipes taste like your favorite place to eat is to make good ingredient choices while cooking. “Having one thing that’s really close to my heart and that I’m trying to do is if we’re talking about oil, for example, the oils last a few months, but the flavor compounds in it are really important. I care really to match the oil to the recipe I’m using. If it’s a Mediterranean dish, olive oil is the best thing to use,” says Scheck. the ingredients you choose aligned with the cuisine you prepare for the most authentic results.

“I have an aversion to mixing olive oil and soy sauce, whether it’s for a marinade or a stir-fry. If I’m sautéing, I want a neutral oil for cooking. You can choose a regular vegetable oil, which is probably the cheapest option, or a grapeseed oil is also great, then maybe a sesame oil,” Scheck said. Another example he shared for a kitchen more advanced house is his latest recipe for his partnership with Credit Karma.” In the Credit Karma recipe, I topped off the ramen with a bit of chili oil, but these can be more for the final flavors. It’s a great way to add aroma and flavor to a dish,” he said. So be discerning about what you use in the dish you’re making.

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