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Kayne West fan forced to change restaurant menu following legal letter from rapper


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By Andy Malt | Posted on Friday, July 1, 2022

A Kanye West fan has been forced to change his burger restaurant’s logo and meal names following a cease and desist letter from the rapper. He’s still able to call it College Dropout Burgers. So it’s good.

“The brand was created to celebrate that,” owner Mark Elkhouri told 7News of his burger business in the Australian city of Melbourne. “But that’s what he wants.”

Elkhouri says he started his restaurant in West’s honor because he’s a huge fan. In addition to being named after the rapper’s debut album, “The College Dropout,” it also featured a logo based on that record’s artwork, a meal menu named after his songs, and a mural of West inside the restaurant.

Being such a huge West fan, Elkhouri was excited when the rapper started flipping through his restaurant’s Instagram Stories recently, thinking maybe the admiration went both ways.

“The fact that he was watching our stories and being there made me think he was a fan of us,” he told The Age. However, it seems that West was actually concerned that people would think the restaurant had something to do with him. Because obviously.

“It’s quite difficult to be a Kanye West fan with this situation, [but] we have to respect his wishes and move forward,” says Elkhouri. “Being a Kanye West fan has brought me to this position where I still have to support him…I’m extremely disappointed, there’s no doubt about it, but that doesn’t even come close to the impact he’s had on my life”.

After announcing that a Kanye-less rebrand was set to happen earlier this month, this refresh was unveiled this week. Now the restaurant’s teddy bear logo is overlaid with a black square and a message that reads “Insert logo here.” OK thanks see you soon”; the mural has been repainted; and the menu no longer offers the Golddigger Chicken Burger, the Cheezus Cheeseburger, or the Good Morning Breakfast Burger. Although, to be honest, I think it would have probably could get away with the latter.

He doesn’t want to get away with anything, as he says he’s still a big fan of West so he doesn’t want to piss him off. Although, as part of the deal, the restaurant also agreed not to tell people that it is inspired by the rapper.

Now, you might think that’s going to be tough, considering it’s still called College Dropout Burgers. But that’s only because you don’t know about the new smart theme. Instead of aligning itself with West, the restaurant is now themed around other celebrities who have dropped out of school.

So if you like being confused when ordering fast food, now you can get meals named after Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. What could go wrong?

Elkhouri admits that being forced to make these changes could be positive for the company, as some potential customers have been put off by the West association.

“Moving forward, I feel like it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise,” he told The Age. “Because, let’s face it, not everyone is a Kanye West fan.”

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