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Knoxville restaurant pays tribute to late black history maker


Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – Whether fried or in a deep dish. Everything is in the hands of a deeply rooted family.

“It was never part of my plan, it was always part of God’s plan,” said restaurant owner Ebonae Eaves.

Ebonae and Misty Eaves started selling meals on wheels. Years later, they have a bigger kitchen with even greater demand at IDK Foods Crab Shack and More, a restaurant on Cumberland Ave.

They cater to all taste buds while providing food for thought.

On the menu is a dish honoring Misty’s late father, Melbert Lee Jr., who is said to be one of the first African Americans in Knoxville to earn the highest black belt in martial arts.

“He is definitely part of it all. He prayed for all of this before he died and I try to make sure his name and his legacy lives on in any way possible,” Ebonae said.

On the wall is a growing mural dedicated to influential black lives.

“We have Nipsey Hussle here, RIP for him. We have Kobe Bryant and GiGi, then we have George Floyd here,” Ebonae said.

The couple told WVLT News they’ve heard that all their hard work could land them on a food network show.

“It’s an honor,” Misty said.

This could be their opportunity to serve a profound message.

“We are all about family unity and love. This is what we live. This is what we will die for,” Ebonae said.

The Eaves said they are already getting used to Vol life, tending to the athletics department at UT.

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