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Level Seven restaurant menu is a cut above the rest


The latest relaxed and refined getaway in the heart of Ekurhuleni is a new gastronomic spot, the Level Seven restaurant and the Sky Bar.

Desmond Mabuza of the famous Signature gourmet restaurant in Morningside, Sandton, wanted to create something similar, a signature dining experience for the people of the Ekurhuleni area.

Level Seven is located on the top floor of the Radisson Hotel and Convention Center, near OR Tambo International Airport. Mabuza says his new restaurant is something that fits the award-winning signature and that it was a strategic move.

“I wanted to create a different brand for this area but with a standard and an offer at the same level as Signature. The promoters of the property approached him to open a restaurant above the hotel.

Mabuza was hesitant about the location of Kempton Park, as the area isn’t necessarily associated with an upscale lifestyle. But he became convinced after seeing the location and his own customer analysis.

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Mabuza noticed that some of his customers lived in Ekurhuleni and had come a long way for an “elegant and fine dining experience” that is usually found in the Sandton area.

“You have a hungry market that can afford to support such an offer, it was just obvious.”

The decor adds to the sophisticated nature of Level Seven and Mabuza proudly says his wife is the mastermind behind the stunning interior design.

The businessman knows what works and sticks to it, because the menu is interchangeable with Signature. The guests come for this familiarity and they eat it.

Level Seven Menu

The Level Seven menu is extensive and caters to many people. It includes favorites such as sushi and seafood platters with duck leg confit.

For our starter, we had grilled shrimp with pan-fried scallops and a risotto. The portion was ideal for a starter, just enough because the main course and dessert were more than generous. The seafood could have been better prepared though, but the saffron-enhanced risotto was the heart of the dish. The Italian rice was cooked to perfection, still a bit firm, something you could order over and over and was well taken care of with caviar and saffron gel.

Shrimp and Scallop Risotto at Level Seven Restaurant and Sky Bar. Photo: Sandisiwe Mbhele

The high seas are an integral part of the menu, with several options of seafood main courses. One of the dishes recommended by Mabuza was the salmon swift. To say it was a good option would be an understatement, it was my favorite dish of the day.

The swift fillet is stuffed with smoked salmon and melts in the mouth. The kingklip was perfectly cooked, well seasoned and the smoked salmon enhanced the dish. Served on a delicious bed of mashed sweet potato with sautéed spinach with a tomato white butter, it doesn’t weigh down the dish at all. Delicious from start to finish.

Kingklip with stuffed smoked salmon. Photo: Sandisiwe Mbhele

It is highly recommended to end on a sweet note. We chose Lindt chocolate fondant. The chocolate oozed as it should, not too rich. It was served with a mascarpone dumpling, berry sauce, vanilla ice cream and a fantastic sticky sugar technique for orange peel.

We left happy and satisfied and still dream of the salmon swift.

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