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Man completes entire restaurant menu, eating 13,000 calories for charity

The existence of competitive eaters has always blown my mind, and they are a major hit at food festivals and fairs. These foodies are so serious about their food that before, a man has even died making his foodie dream come true in an all-you-can-eat taco contest. And then there are legends who eat weird food combos like “strawberry pizza” and “chai pasta” that take my appetite off, but that’s another topic for another day.

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According to a report in Times Now, Kyle Gibson, a 22-year-old British food eater, recently finished all meals on the menu at fast food chain Five Guys in just 61 minutes to raise money for charity. He raised £ 400 (approx Rs 39,000) for the Newcastle West End Food Bank and donated food worth £ 100 (approx Rs 9,700) to charity.

Kyle, who already holds the top spot in the British Eating League, consumed a total of 13,000 calories eating 8 burgers, 4 hot dogs, 2 orders of fries, 2 veg sandwiches, 1 grilled cheese sandwich, 1 BLT sandwich , 2 milkshakes and 2 drink refills in this particular challenge.

He mentions that it was “one of the craziest things” he has ever done, despite having participated in many other Man vs Food style challenges in the past.

Kyle told Chronicle Live, “I love doing crazy things like this, but I realize that there are people who really can’t afford to eat, who are in bad situations and who usually need help and depend on places like food banks to feed their families. That’s why I donate money and food to the Newcastle West End Food Bank.

He continues, “I participate in contests like this, but I make sure I stay healthy the other days of the week.” He is said to have a healthy lifestyle that includes going to the gym regularly and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables to balance the high calorie junk food he eats in professional competitions and challenges like these.

You can watch the challenge he took on in this 11 minute video titled “KyleVFood” here: –

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