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New chain restaurant menu items for Halloween and beyond – 24/7 Wall St.

When planning new product launches, restaurant chains often introduce foods and drinks that are appropriate for the specific season or holiday. In the fall, in addition to the inevitable wave of spicy pumpkins, many chains are beefing up their menus with Halloween-themed specials (like Applebee’s Dracula’s Juice cocktail or Burger King’s ghost pepper chicken nuggets), or recognize the arrival of cooler weather with hearty and / or spicy dishes of all kinds.

In order to compile an updated list of new offerings for the Halloween season and beyond, 24/7 Tempo has reviewed several recent editions of the Menu Tracker column posted regularly by News from the nation’s restaurants (NRN), a leading national publication on the restaurant business. In it, Bret Thorn, NRN’s food and beverage editor, details new menu additions for a wide range of chain operations in the United States – and recently, a number of Halloween-specific articles. or fall were presented. (Many operations on this list are among America’s most successful restaurant chains.)

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The list covers recent additions to the menu of about twenty chains, with preference given to those that are best known in the country. As usual, the new items encompass a wide variety of ingredients and flavors. Chicken, which is typically the most common protein on our lists, only appears twice this time, losing to pork, with six entrees (counting bacon, pepperoni, and the ingredients for a Cuban sub. .

One of those specials, which fans will be happy to hear, is the legendary and elusive McDonald’s McRib, who seems to come and go more or less at random. (Here are other fast food dishes that we would like to see again on the menu.)

Expect Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed additions to chain menus, which won’t take long to appear.

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