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New Internet-Famous Chef ‘Salt Bae’, Restaurant’s New Menu Prices Will Blow A Hole In Your Pocket

Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, better known as Salt Bae, is once again under fire from internet users.

Nuret, who became an internet sensation in 2017, thanks to her signature salt-dusting style that impressed everyone, has managed to grow her popularity and business in different places. And the latest addition to his restaurant chain is the new Nusr-Et restaurant in London.

The global restaurant chain covers 15 different international destinations including New York, Dubai and Miami and others.

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Gokce recently shared a preview of the restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse London on Instagram.

“Open in the heart of the world on 23.09.2021,” he wrote in the caption. Photos and videos have fans excited with an inside view of the eater, with Salt Bae cutting into meat and sprinkling salt on it in her trademark style.

However, the new outlet has been called out by Twitter users for its coquettish menu prices.

It all started when an invoice from the restaurant appeared online. A customer shared a bill stating that the single meal at the restaurant was 1800 pounds or around Rs.1.80 lakh.

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In the bill, the cheapest item was £9 and a Turkish tea was free, but everything else on the bill left netizens confused.

Apart from the dishes and all, the restaurant’s exorbitant prices did not please Internet users, who were quick to share their point of view on Twitter.

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