Restaurant dishes

Weekend recommendations: 5 courses from Nyack restaurant that we love

Several dishes from Mumbai Dreams. With winter and the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage, there is not much to do in and around Nyack. But if you’re feeling the winter doldrums, there’s one thing that might cheer you up… FOOD. Even though the Rockland region has lost some of its greatest culinary establishments, the local […]

Restaurant menu

The menu at this restaurant offers frankly honest descriptions of the dishes

(CNN) – Feigang Fei, owner of Cuisine AuntDai in Montreal, wants to be honest with you. Orange beef? Not very good, especially compared to the restaurant’s General Tao chicken. But Fei isn’t a big fan of North American Chinese food anyway, so, “It’s your choice.” What about the sweet and spicy pork strips? Well, Fei […]

Restaurant dishes

PizzaExpress announces DIY kits to make favorite restaurant dishes at home

Pizza lovers can try to bring the taste of their favorite restaurant varieties into their home by cooking their own DIY dish. Following the overwhelming demand for recipes as part of its ‘Homemade Favorites’ series and a new national lockdown, PizzaExpress launched its own do-it-yourself pizza kits, for the first time in the brand’s 56-year […]

Restaurant dishes

Lincoln Tan Discovers Auckland Restaurant’s Hidden Dishes – Ginger Pork Shanks and Vinegar Stew at Treasure Kitchen

Herald’s ethnic affairs reporter and devoted foodie Lincoln Tan visits unique restaurants around Auckland. Video / NZ Herald Herald Lincoln Tan, ethnic affairs journalist and devoted foodie, introduces you to a world of restaurant delicacies hidden around Auckland. Treasure Kitchen chef Sam Ng didn’t have the heart to say no when a client who had […]