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People can’t stop talking about the menu at this “honest” Canadian restaurant

A Response on Twitter Came from the owner himself, Feigang Fei, and was as kind as the opinions shared on the menu: “Hey, I’m the owner of Cuisine AuntDai, thanks to your tweet I’ve had a lot of press interviews. It’s been a heck of a few days in my entire life. Join Twitter to thank you. If you like, I want to talk to you. You are my first person to follow on Twitter !!! “

According to an interview he gave Eater, Fei realized the attention his restaurant was getting when a German newspaper reached out to tell a story about the menu. He explained that the reviews stemmed from an attempt to show how spicy or fatty certain dishes were, citing the difficulties in ordering Chinese dishes. He also thought it was best to direct customers to the dishes they would actually eat, thereby reducing food waste.

Throughout the pandemic, a constant influx of customers helped prevent worst-case scenarios, and apparently customer traffic increased after the tweet went viral. However, Fei stresses that he hopes people don’t expect too much when it comes to food: “I just don’t want people to be disappointed, and I don’t want to overdo it.”

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