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Recreate your favorite restaurant dishes at home with the best new meal kits

While UK restaurants are to remain closed, they continue to launch innovative new meal kits for in-home dining. From authentic Neapolitan burgers and pizzas that can be cooked in a frying pan, to fine dining at London’s best restaurants, here are some of the best newly launched kits.

Finish and enjoy, Kits from £ 70 plus delivery (countrywide)

It is truly possible to recreate the dining experience at home with gourmet meals from some of the UK’s top chefs including Tom Aikens (Muse), Marianne Lumb (Restaurant Marianne), Thomas frake (Masterchef Champion 2020) and Dean of Banks (HAAR). Entrepreneurs Alex Pennington and Ross McPhail started Finish and Feast, an in-home dining service, when the pandemic struck and their favorite restaurants were forced to close. Their kits come about 90% pre-prepared with detailed written instructions so that there is minimal finishing and plating required to create a surprisingly authentic and flavorful gourmet meal. Dishes for two are hearty and satisfying, including from Chef Tom Aikens, a shoulder of lamb slowly cooked for seven hours with mashed potatoes with spring onions, green beans and dark chocolate mousse. Marianne Lumb’s winter menu requires a bit of cooking but it’s super easy and the result is fantastic. It also offers a vegan menu. The starter is the classic artichoke and caper vitello tonnato, the main one is the stone bar which requires cooking with two sauces to warm up and the dessert, the rhubarb and pistachio cake is light and satisfying, offering a perfect finish. Equally impressive are the Thomas Frake and Dean Banks meal kits with great seafood choices including scampi and lobster.

Juice jerk, DIY kits from € 30 + € 5 national delivery

London-based Caribbean cuisine and takeaways, Juici Jerk is the first to launch UK-wide deliveries of its home cooking kits featuring restaurant-grade ingredients, inspired by a modern fusion of Anglo-Antilean cuisine. . In each kit, you’ll find generous portions of jerk-marinated meat, rice and peas, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, plantain, and fruit punch. Simple instructions make cooking the meal very easy. The result is a truly delicious selection of West Indian fare, recreating the Juici Jerk dining experience and the perfect comfort food for a cold winter evening.

Honest Burgers, £ 16 for two burgers or £ 24 for four (delivery £ 6 nationwide)

Honest Burgers is one of London’s best gourmet burger chains, so their new DIY burger kits are a welcome surprise. Each Honest at Home DIY burger kit includes everything you need to make your own homemade burgers at home: ground British chuck steak and rib patties from their Honest butcher, slices of British cheddar, slices of smoked bacon dried in dry, hamburger buns from The Bread Factory plus caramelized red onion relish, pickles and a cheerful green tote bag. The kits also include rosemary salt to add to your homemade chips, if desired.

Pizza Pilgrims’ Pizza by mail, from £ 13.95 + £ 5 UK shipping

Who knew pizza could be baked in a pan and taste so good? Pilgrims’ Pizza frying pan method works but the real secret to its success is the superb quality and taste of the ingredients. A variety of pizza kits are offered by mail. Kits for two people with all the ingredients you need to prepare at home the delicious Neapolitan double pepperoni and spicy honey pizza from Pizza Pilgrim. The kit includes two scoops of proven 48-hour Neapolitan dough with Caputo flour from Naples, marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella fior di latte, spicy honey, two types of pepperoni sausage with paprika, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

Ombra Lasagna Kit, £ 32.50 meal for four, nationwide delivery

A generous portion that will serve at least three people of Ombra’s gourmet lasagna with their signature stew is a welcome home delivery that just requires baking. from Ombra Chef Mitshel Ibrahim was one of the first to pivot when the pandemic struck, turning Ombra into a pastificio and deli and making the restaurant part of their community’s daily life. Through collection and delivery (for example, Ready To Eat packages, including lasagna Sundays, the much talked about tiramisu, and other pantry provisions), Ombra and Mitshel were firmly put on the map, bringing their existing reputation as a local canal-side gem to a much wider audience.

Cosmo’s Notting Hill, from £ 80 for full meals, free delivery in London

After stints at the River Café and Michelin-starred Lyle’s, chef Cosmo Palling worked at the Swire Group in Hong Kong until August last year. The global pandemic necessitated a transition for the innovative young chef who subsequently opened a Mediterranean pop-up in his business partner’s London art gallery. Now for 2021 he’s launched a meal kit home delivery service with a variety of sumptuous meals including bone marrow Wellington beef, buttered shallots and Genoese pesto green beans (£ 100 for the main course, vegetables and dessert for two); and shoulder of lamb with Middle Eastern spices accompanied by pilau rice cooked in juices (£ 80 for two). Tailor-made menus are available on request.

Flesh & Brioches, Bao Roll Kit £ 27.50m + £ 4.99 nationwide delivery

Flesh & Buns, Izakaya-inspired Japanese restaurants, have launched their first home kits. The two person kits contain all the products to recreate the crispy crispy piglet breast buns from Flesh and Buns at home and you can order their bamboo steamer as well. Each kit includes six bao buns, half a piglet belly, pickled apples, karashi mayonnaise and sisho leaves. Preparation time is approximately 15 minutes.

Berenjak, meal kits from € 25 + € 10 national delivery

Popular Middle Eastern restaurant Berenjak in Soho, London recently launched Berenjak Bazaar, an online Persian food and drink initiative with four meal kits and specialty cocktails. Observer Food critic Jay Rayner described the home delivery offering as “the best kind of meal kit.” With an ever-expanding range of meal kits available, chef and founder of Berenjak Kian Samyani has just added the Ghormeh Sabzi kit to the store. Ghormeh Sabzi, widely regarded as Iran’s national dish, is a distinctive delicious stew typically made with lamb, kidney beans, fenugreek, fresh herbs, and dried limes. Usually served with Persian rice, shirazi salad, and sweet and sour yogurt. Berenjak’s kit contains everything you need, including a traditional Dizi clay pot for the stew itself, to recreate that hearty Iranian dish at home.

Tacos Padre , DIY taco kits from £ 27 nationwide delivery

As Borough Market’s Padre Kitchen continues to sell hot take-out on market days, for anyone craving Mexican food at home, they recently introduced taco kits, available for delivery throughout the world. country. The four kits, each for two, include tortillas, lime, onion, cilantro, super tangy habanero guacachile salsa and a special salsa, specific to each package. Kit options are: Short Rib Suadero with Aged Beef Tatemada Salsa; Lamb Barbacoa with avocado and jalapeño salsa; Cochinita Pibil (pork) with X-Ni-Pek (habanero pickled red onions) and for vegetarians, Al Pastor cauliflower with padre salsa macha (mostly Mexican crispy chili oil).

Koya, Udon kits £ 14, delivery nationwide included

Just launched this month, Japanese udon specialists in Soho and The City created the ‘Omiyage Box’, bringing Koya’s fresh udon and dashi to UK kitchens for the first time. Handcrafted the day before delivery, vacuum-packed for a 7-day shelf life, each box contains freshly made Koya dashi broth and udon noodles – enough for two generous servings, packaged in stylish packaging designed for fit in your mailbox.

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