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Should You Add a Freakshake to Your Restaurant Menu?

Have you heard of the Freakshake trend? Freakshakes refer to huge milkshakes loaded with ice cream, cream and flavored sauces. But they also contain unlikely ingredients. Think donuts, cakes, cookies, brownies and other sweet treats. Freakshakes have become huge in the restaurant industry.

Small restaurant owners should consider capitalizing on the freakshake trend. Put that deliciously popular type of milkshake or dessert on your menu?

What is a Freakshake?

Want to create a Freakshake for your small restaurant? Fill a tall glass jar with a luxury milkshake. Make it with ice cream and chocolate, strawberries, or some other flavored sauce. Next, stack up some treats that look as delicious, striking, and “sinful” as they can get.

These treats include cakes, donuts, waffles, marshmallows, fruit, chocolate and more. Then toss a handful of candy on top for good measure.

You want to know how far the freakshake phenomenon has gone. Well, some restaurants even have savory freakshakes. And they include ingredients like cheese and pulled pork replacing donuts and waffles.

Where do Freakshakes come from?

This high-calorie dessert is said to have originated in Australia in 2015. A coffee from Canberra seems to be the likely creator of the drink.

Savvy cafe owners in Canberra designed the freakshake for a very specific purpose. They were created to be “so ridiculous and over the top that people just had to snap a picture of them before eating them.”

Thanks to the power of social media sharing, these oversized, ultra-sweet milkshakes have quickly become a global sensation, with cafes, restaurants and patrons delighted to share their freakshakes with their followers, and the most flamboyant, striking and gourmet, the better.

Freakshakes and Instagram

These brightly colored edible creations are designed to be photographed and shared around the world on social media, with the Instagram photo-sharing portal being the preferred channel for restaurants and freakshake customers to share their freakshake images.

A simple search for #freakshake on Instagram brings up more than 50,000 posts, each trying to outdo themselves on the high stakes.

Rather than being photographed toasting with a glass of champagne or a pint of beer, social media users post pictures of themselves raising their freakshake glasses, along with their location in the world and often the name from the establishment that served them the delicious freakshake.

The opportunities of Freakshake marketing

It’s not uncommon for Freakshake’s biggest, boldest, and daring posts to go viral. The trend to share images of exceptional freakshakes on social media presents a plethora of marketing opportunities for restaurateurs, cafes and ice cream parlors.

Serving exaggerated freakshakes to your customers will encourage them to share the mouthwatering milkshake / dessert that is in front of them on social media, which means your creation is being shared around the world and could go viral.

Boost your restaurant’s SEO

Research shows that approximately 126,000 Google searches are performed for “freakshake,” which means that if your website, online menu, social media profiles, and other digital entities include the word “freakshake,” your Ranking on search engines like Google could improve dramatically, helping you pull more customers through your freakshake marketing.

As well as being a powerful marketing force for ice cream parlors, cafes, restaurants, and bars around the world, the advantage of freakshakes is that they aren’t difficult, too timely, or expensive to make.

All you need is lots of ice cream, cream, sweet sauce, sticky sweet treats, sugar, candy and all the other deliciously sinful treats that will tickle your imagination, along with a little creativity. and daring and you will have a masterful culinary creation for your customers will love you for.

Considering the popularity, trend, and powerful promotional potential of freakshakes, ask yourself: is a freakshake something that your business can afford to ignore?


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