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Sonora’s Meat Market and Restaurant offers delicious food and exceptional customer service | food drink


I Enter Sonora prepared for adventure. I don’t know where to look first. There are a few small aisles of grocery items that hold a glory of hot sauces, dried and canned goods, fresh tortilla chips fried on the spot, and enough packaged snacks to keep me entertained for a week. To the left is a refrigerated case with cold produce, lots of Mexican-style cheeses, and decent-looking produce (limes, avocados, onions, tomatoes, and pineapple).

Along the right wall is the meat counter, which shines with carnivorous and fish-eating delicacies. (I don’t mess with the shine, the whole store is immaculate.) The gentlemen in white coats behind the counter let me know they’re available if I have any questions. I head to the back counter adjacent to the butcher checkouts, where I can order from a full menu. So many choices! And one of the wonderful features here is the chance to try any of the marinated meats from the butcher’s counter in your taco.

I choose Shrimp Tacos. Three plump, sweet and juicy large marinated shrimp nestle in each fresh corn tortilla alongside chopped onion, grilled pineapple, shredded cabbage and carrots and a silky smooth wedge of avocado. Succulent sweet pineapple complements the lightly spiced shrimp perfectly. I could eat it every day. The flat plate came next. I was expecting shredded chicken, but was pleasantly surprised to find long chunks of tender, chewy marinated chicken in a crispy fried, rolled corn tortilla. The three stuffed tortillas are covered with lettuce and chopped tomatoes, crumbled white cheese and a good drizzle of cream. Soft refried beans, with just a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese, and red rice completed the plate. But the star of this particular lunchtime show?

The Loaded pie coqueta. This sandwich completely fills the paper-lined plastic basket it comes in. The giant toast, with crispy edges, gloriously features grilled and charred asada (beef steak) as well as adovada (pork marinated in a red sauce, with hints of vinegar, before grilling). Also in the game: crispy/soft grilled cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, onions and mayonnaise. Don’t expect to finish this sandwich in one sitting or without multiple napkins. He fed me and a friend enough leftovers for another delicious meal.

A few tables provide seating for restaurant patrons, and Sonora’s does a quick grab-and-go business. A tidy little corner of condiments has four salsas, dried oregano, fresh cilantro, chopped onions, and my favorite: tangy pickled jalapenos and carrots. During my visit, every employee greeted me with a smile and a friendly comment. Outstanding service and delicious food matches my kind of adventure.

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