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“Special Gift”: Beef Burger Owner Donates Restaurant Foods to Greensboro City Ministry

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Beef Burger may have closed for good last month, but the legacy of the beloved Greensboro restaurant lives on.

Ralph Havis, the former owner of Beef Burger, donated the dishes he used in the restaurant for more than 60 years to the Greensboro City Ministry.

“Mr. Havis loves his community, and he demonstrated it again by donating his kitchen content to GUM,” the ministry said in a Facebook post. “We are honored to receive this special gift from an icon. from GSO! ”

On May 21, a sign was posted on the door of Beef burger that read “Beef Burger is permanently closed. Ralph appreciates all the thoughts and prayers of customers and friends. We humbly thank you (sic) for years of service.

In April, a Facebook post began circulating online claiming the restaurant was shutting down permanently. Employees disputed the rumors by posting a handmade cardboard poster on the company’s storefront saying, “Don’t believe Facebook.”

They told FOX8 at the time that there was no plan to shut down.

In May, a new sign was affixed to the restaurant. It said “Beef Burger will be closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“There is a lot of love for Ralph, as everyone who is here today can attest,” said Annya Roland, a former Beef Burger employee who stepped in to help staff in April. “You can see how much Ralph really is loved.”

After rumors started to swirl in April, people stood in the scorching sun to get a burger.

“It’s a legendary place. We heard it was their last day and they were closing, ”said Jesse Einhorn.

“I have eaten here for over 50 years. It’s a landmark with a great burger, ”said Jerry Mills.

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