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The 25 Best San Antonio Restaurant Dishes of 2018

Of the hundreds of San Antonio restaurant dishes we ate in 2018, these 25 made us wish for seconds.

With all the smoke and spice you could hope for, this new restaurant’s charcoal grilled chicken is some of the best in town. (Paul Étienne) 547, chemin Culebra, 210-737-7400, Facebook: @ALCARBONPOLLOSASADOS

Café Babil: Mansaf

Tender braised lamb and crispy fried almonds are brought together by a tangy yogurt sauce in this Levantine classic. (PS) 8132 Fredericksburg Road, 210-290-8003, Facebook: Babil Cafe

Black Board Bar BQ: Wagyu chest

The Texan-Japanese breed Wagyu brisket, legendary for its marbling, traces a smoky velvet line between steak and barbecue in this scenic countryside location. (Mike Sutter) 1123, chemin Sisterdale in Sisterdale, 830-324-6858,

Chism: Green Goddess Cauliflower

Start with a roasted whole cauliflower head. Drench it with a verdant mole pipián sauce. It has never been easier to eat your veggies. (PS) 2403 N St. Mary’s St., 210-530-4236,

Clementine: cardamom donuts

Chefs John and Elise Russ fill this little space with lively Southern-inspired flavors, like cake donuts spiked with sugar and aromatic cardamom. (MRS) 2195 NW Military Highway, 210-503-5121,

Cuisine: Smothered Alligator

Eouffee’s classic rice and anything formula gets a fresh, upscale New Orleans makeover with firm bites of alligator in a deep tomato roux with shrimp. (MRS) 720 E. Mistletoe Ave., 210-320-8211,

Savory: Pork chop with red acacia

This crash course in Chef Steve McHugh’s high-low philosophy features grilled meat with a handful of tomahawk, southern spatula, and mesquite bean mole. (MRS) 306 Pearl Parkway, Suite 101, at The Pearl, 210-314-3929, The Fête du Partage serves the joy of Christmas

The Esquire Tavern: Bologna melt

Chef Brooke Smith makes her own bologna, spicy and rich like a cold meats pate, then smokes and grills it with American cheese at this stylish River Walk bar. (MRS) 155 E. Commerce St., 210-222-2521,

Garcia’s Mexican Cuisine: Mexican Dinner # 5

This 56-year-old Tex-Mex restaurant makes one of San Antonio’s perfect plates, featuring cheese enchiladas, brown chili sauce, rice, beans, and hand-made flour tortillas. (MRS) 842 Fredericksburg Road, 210-735-4525, Facebook: Garcia’s Mexican cuisine

Jerk Shack: Jerk Chicken

Thyme, cloves, garlic, citrus, and Scoville’s habanero pepper explosion liven up the fire-grilled jerk chicken at Chef Lattoia Massey’s Jamaican walk-in restaurant. (MRS) 117, rue Matyear, 201-776-7780, Facebook: @thejerkshacksatx

Joséphine Street Café: Anticuchos

Fluffy buttered beef tenderloin kebabs with onions and peppers deliver a Fiesta flavor all year round at this revered steakhouse cafe bar. (MRS) 400 E., Joséphine Street, 210-224-6169,

Las Sabrosas de Guanajuato: the chilaquiles of Mama Chuy

Homemade fries dipped in chili guajillo sauce have just the right balance of moist and crunchy at this family-run cafe with all-day breakfast. (MRS) 6825, avenue San Pedro, 210-785-9211, Facebook : Las Sabrosas de Guanajuato

Madurai Mes: Mini-tiffin

The South Indian sampler of this desktop arch cafe surrounds a crispy rolled dosa with rice and lentil street snacks to soak up a trio of fresh chutneys. (MRS) 5152 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 125, 210-524-8161,

Maverick Texas Brewery: Potato steak

In Chef Chris Carlson’s kitchen, even a side dish takes on an architectural twist, with potato slices stacked in perfect cubes, tawny and crispy fries. (MRS) 710 S. St. Mary’s St., 210973-6050,

Max & Louie’s New York Diner: French Grilled Cheese Challah

Dipped in egg cream and toasted French toast, the homemade challah bread becomes the base of a decadent grilled cheese with bacon and homemade fries. (MRS) 226 Bitters Road West, 210-483-7600, Heavy’s Bar-B-Que in Hondo stays pure Texas with menu, setting

Meadow Neighborhood Eatery + Bar: Fried Chicken

Greens with chow chow relish bring home the southern swagger of fried chicken sprinkled with chili with a crust like pleated tempura at PJ and Lindsey Edwards’ new bistro. (MRS) 555 W. Bitters Road at The Alley, 210-481-4214,

Moshe’s Golden Falafel: Shakshuka

Eggs, tomatoes, chili peppers – if you’re into huevos rancheros, you’ll love Chef Andrew Weissman’s version of this Israeli breakfast staple. (PS) 3910 McCullough Avenue, 210-994-9838, Facebook: Moshe’s golden falafels

Mrs. Kitchen Soul Food Restaurant and bakery: Meatloaf

A thick tomato sauce adds great personality to a hearty meatloaf as large as the plate it appears on at this converted East Side bungalow. (MRS) 2242 E. Commerce St., 210-549-4392,

Playland: the wings of General Tso

At Playland’s all-purpose culinary carnival, few bites are more memorable than these remarkably plump and crispy wings drowned in everyone’s favorite Chinese take-out sauce. (PS) 400 E. Houston St. at the Maverick Building, 210-908-9362, Facebook: Playground

Rebel: Ruby trout with shrimp butter

The chic restaurant at the St. Anthony Hotel by Andrew Goodman and Stefan Bowers took to seafood in style this year with ruby ​​trout, salsa verde, and rich shrimp butter. (MRS) 300 E. Travis St. at the St. Anthony Hotel, 210-352-3171,

Restaurant Gwendolyn: Cheese and cold cuts board

Chef Michael Sohocki’s passion for cured, marinated and fermented meat creates elegant planks with a palette of jams, pickles and Old World curios. (MRS) 152 E. Pecan St., 210-222-1849,

On Alamo Heights Volare pizzeria moves to Olmos pharmacy building

Ro-Ho Pork & Bread: Torta ahogada

For his “drowned” sandwich, chef-owner Jorge Rojo starts with a handmade bun that’s crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, stuffed with juicy pork carnitas, then drizzled with broth. achiote. (MRS) 623 Urban loop, 210-800-3487,

Spoon Eatery: Lobster bisque

Sit back and enjoy as your server pours a river of silky seafood bliss over squid ink pasta and a cache of tender shrimp in this interactive treat. (PS) 8055 West Avenue, Suite 125, 210-908-9811,

Tre Trattoria: Radiatore pasta

Chef Jason Jady’s recently moved Italian flagship makes intricate artisanal pasta with cauliflower and brown butter with gouda and truffle oil. (MRS) 200 W. Jones Ave. in the Hops House of the San Antonio Museum of Art, 210-805-0333,

Villa Rica: Sweet Corn Pie

A marriage of cornbread and custard served with a scoop of coconut ice cream, this dessert is elegant in its simplicity. (PS) 403 Blue Star, 210-635-0036, Facebook: @villaricasa

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