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The Best Restaurant Foods the Eater Boston Team Ate This Week, Winter 2022

welcome to The best thing we ate this week, Winter 2022 edition. Most Fridays, we share a restaurant dish or two that really hit the spot in the past week. (Check out last season’s edition here.) Want to share your own favorites? Join our Facebook group to give and get recommendations for local restaurants.

Health experts consider eating out to be a high-risk activity for the unvaccinated. this may pose a risk to vaccinees, especially in areas with high COVID transmission.

January 14: Dim sum, delivered

Dimsum from Ming Seafood
19 Pleasant Street, Malden

There are few communal restaurants as fun as dim sum, sharing countless small plates – rolls, dumplings, noodles, etc. – with friends. Like many people, I don’t really spend time in large groups and indoor restaurants at the moment, but of course I miss that feeling. Getting dim sum delivered is not enough the same – ok, nothing to do with going out for dim sum – but it was a nice way to spend a weekend morning, something a little different from our usual breakfasts and brunches home, and it made me dream of the day when I can order that spread again but in person.

Since moving to the adjacent Malden part of Medford last year, I’ve slowly cycled through several amazing dining options in Malden, and several dim sum restaurants have been recommended to me, especially Ming’s Seafood (which has a location in Quincy) and Sun Kong. This time we went with Ming’s Seafood; some photos had caught my eye on Instagram recently, and I was eager to try it out.

We bet everything on the crispiness and/or the prawns: steamed prawn dumplings in jet black squid papers, decorated with a little gold (photogenic, if that’s your thing, but also delicious ); crispy shrimp in red rice rolls; and Crispy Shrimp Rolls with Celery. The salted egg yolk buns, turnip cake and durian pie were also hits, and our one year old couldn’t get enough of the fish balls. (If you’re curious about durian but worried about its pungent smell, try durian pie; it’s an accessible dish for durian beginners, a puff pastry stuffed with a slightly sweet, almost melon-like filling and l smell is not nearly as strong as that of fresh durian.)

What’s your favorite dim sum dish? Did you bother doing take-out/delivery dim sum, or is it the restaurant experience for you? Join our Facebook group to share your thoughts.

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