Restaurant dishes

The country’s most popular restaurant dishes

Sifting through 155 million reviews, Yelp, the app that helps you find restaurants, has identified the country’s most popular dishes. How many have you tried?

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Noodles on this

If you’re looking for a restaurant in a new location, you turn to Yelp, the app where people rate restaurants. But you can also discover the best dish in each restaurant, and now Yelp has identified the top ten dishes in the United States, reports. Food and wine. And get to number 10? Udon curry at Marukame Udon in Honolulu: thick, creamy and chewy noodles drowned in curry. Here, the chefs painstakingly craft Sanuki Udon by hand, a type known throughout Japan for its subtle and renowned taste. The process is to elaborate and the result, divine. Lightly seasoned, Japanese-style, the dish is also filled with grated beef and tender onions. Here are 9 rules for eating Japanese food.

YardBird-Chicken-and-Watermelon-n-Waffles-Food-Shoot-290617-62972South Yardbird Table and Bar Courtesy

This chicken will take you across the road

When you think of Miami, authentic southern fried chicken melting in your mouth doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Apparently this is a mistake: the Miami Beach Yardbird serves Lewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken—Number nine on Yelp’s list. This all-natural, hormone-free chicken is cured for 27 hours, coated in a secret blend of flour and spices, fried to southern perfection and served with a tangy honey sauce.

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