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The Grad School restaurant menu continues

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Grad School restaurant may be gone, but fans of Full Ride and other favorites aren’t completely gone.

Danny Schlink is the owner of the Grad School and opened the local restaurant 12 years ago.

“I had graduated from university after an extended nine-year university experience,” Schlink said. “And I always anticipated the opening of a restaurant.”

“The amount of life I’ve seen in this building,” said Shon Tetlow, Managing Director of JOB. “Love, good days, bad days.”

However, the bad days came quickly once the pandemic began. The owners of the old graduate school building got a better deal from a neighboring apartment complex, so the building was sold.

But that’s not all bad news as the graduate school menu is now served at JOB Public House.

“They always come here, they always ask for a full turn,” Tetlow said. “They still want a bison trail shot.”

“I can imagine by the winter that we will be able to go full blast and further expand the JOB menu,” Schlink said.

Now the goal is to move forward.

“I took the front door,” Schlink said. “They demolished the building and they told me I could take whatever I wanted, I guess that meant the front door.”

Keeping old memories while forming new ones across the board.

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