Restaurant menu

The menu at Trivet restaurant in London Bridge includes a potato dessert

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is undisturbed by things like Tabasco sauce and soy.

News of the week

One of the hottest tickets of the year, Trivet isn’t quite open for business just yet, but as details of a week or two of soft launch start to sink in, Londoners could be forgiven for being more than a little excited. Barrel-shaped creations? “Sourdough broth”? “Potato millefeuille”?! Consider t-riveted capital.

Festive pile-up of the week

As expected, there were even more pumpkin-themed mixes this week, as Halloween bled heavily for the best part of a fortnight. But there were also some Mexican-themed Day of the Dead shenanigans, and the first hint that Thanksgiving is on the way. With Christmas drawing closer every day, Veganuary claims the start of 2020, and Valentine’s Day soon after, it looks like it will be around mid-March before restaurants have some sort of calendar event for suspend menu items. But will London be able to pull it off?

Weekend night

Appetites change after midnight; the desires go towards the carnal. Hackney’s The Laughing Heart has a dedicated after-hours menu that reflects what people really want to eat once the sun goes down and the booze kicks in; The Dairy’s casual Bloodshot supper clubs have undoubtedly emerged from a similar depth in the raw identity of London’s restaurant industry. Suffice to say that if this menu looks a lot like it… Give it a few hours.

Successful cosmic order of the week

Insta Stories, October 9, 2019: “In Madrid it’s bocadillo de calamares, in Barcelona it’s calamari mollete — in any language, it’s truly perfect food. Can any of the current wave of sandwich remixers bring it here? »

Insta Stories, November 6, 2019:

madness of the week

Yes, all Michelin starred restaurants are soulless money traps and blah blah it’s too French. But like no football pundit has ever said, look at the tekkers on this raw cream.

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The Greenhouse Mayfair, October 19. Just when I think these guys have set the bar high, they find another way to level up, never resting on their laurels. The craft involved blows my mind. This dish – a starter not a pudding – works best as a surprise. . ….but if you need to know, then it’s actually Scotch lango tartare with caviar. One of my favorite classic combos, often featured in various guises by others (Passard’s new classic is one of my all-time favorites), but none quite like this. It’s encased in a fixed raw cream that’s soft (swipe) and somewhat defies gravity while keeping its perfectly spherical shape. Served with an ultra-clean apple and bergamot consommé, its freshness and acidity counterbalance the cream and shellfish. No modernist trickery here, just good old-fashioned high-level craftsmanship. Alex mentioned that they’re still tweaking the ratios (less cream, more caviar core), but as it stands I think it’s absolutely top notch stuff already. Simplicity, product quality, refinement, precision… . @adills1 @greenhousemayfair @pierreminotti @timothee_martin_nadaud @lubnaosmani #toplondonrestaurants #michelinstars #food #eat #lefooding #eaterlondon #langoustinetartare #langoustine #caviar @n25caviar .

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The Greenhouse Mayfair, Oct 19. Chasseur-style Landes chicken with porcini mushrooms, glazed boneless stuffed chicken wing, daikon salad roll, apple soufflé. Followed by a white truffle cheese toast made with Vacherin Mont d’Or cooked in yellow wine. Swipe I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of this elsewhere, and it does indeed taste as epic as it looks. Alsatian Chicken and Bacon Stuffed is moist to the incredible crust; whose details and finish are simply amazing. The wavy grill lines, the shiny glaze, the thyme and shiso flower embellishments, and the seamless albufera sauce. For me the best white truffle dish of the season so far. @adills1 @greenhousemayfair @pierreminotti @timothee_martin_nadaud @lubnaosmani #toplondonrestaurants #michelinstars #food #eat #lefooding #eaterlondon #chicken #ceps #porcini #albuferasauce #whitetruffe #albawhitetruffle @wiltshire_truffles .

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The Greenhouse Mayfair, October 19. Alex’s Croque Madame. With an onsen quail egg, finely grated matsutake, 18mo mimolette, Iberian jamon, watercress puree, deep roast chicken jus and execution. The Noble Mushroom (this particular specimen being Canadian) is now entering its final days of the season, but loses none of its distinct and unmistakable spicy pine flavor that more than stands up to aged cheese. Oh yeah my kind of sandwich, I enjoyed it so much, reflecting Alex’s approach as the heart of his cooking is all about unflinching satisfaction. @adills1 @greenhousemayfair @pierreminotti @lubnaosmani #toplondonrestaurants #sandwich #croquemadame #matsutake #michelinstars #food #eat #lefooding #eaterlondon.

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Emerging trend of the week

Pumped up roast chicken? Stranger things happened – see: donuts, comma, one more thing.

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Lorne’s Sunday menu, Oct 19. Roast chicken, cauliflower cheese, broccoli and mashed potatoes. One of my favorite restaurants in town, the food is understated and elegant here, as with Pete and Graham’s other birds (their Challans), this chicken was a perfect roast; on the crown and sculpted with the precious underwire intact, and at the right temperature where it is silky smooth and moist. With a sticky candied wing, flavor jus, light cauliflower cheese and luxurious mashed potatoes, it was definitely done the old-fashioned way, with love…and repeated wrist action to pass the sieve. Topped with brown butter. Delicious. My main courses from the £35 Sunday menu which includes a choice of pudding and added value with all their starters thrown in for the table. The kitchen is loosening its repertoire for the Sunday menu and changing the roasts from week to week. @lorne_restaurant @petehall888 @grahambrown88 @missclaire178 #londonrestaurants #eat #food #roastchicken #lefooding #eaterlondon.

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Modern Love Story of the Week

The only time the cursed condiment salsa verde was used for good.

Celebrity Mentions of the Week

Some big names here.

Dish of the week

In all honesty, it’s easy to see why they’re so excited.

Shooting and hunter of the week

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