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Top 10: School supply chain issues, new Hy-Vee COO, restaurant menu prices are inflating

Posted: December 17, 2021

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This week’s top 10 were school nutrition, catering, food retail and CPG news, with school nutrition news being widely read and taking three spots on the list.

The most read was news about sschool food service directors who are calling for federal waivers to be maintained to allow continued flexibility for school lunch programs. The move comes as Beth Wallace, president of the School Nutrition Association and executive director of food and nutrition for Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado, and other school nutrition professionals cite chain challenges. supply that affect menu planning this year and next.

In another story, a nutrition services manager in an Oregon school district spoke about her experience with supply chain issues and how school nutrition professionals got creative, thinking about substitutions based on foods they have on hand, such as working with yogurt when they don’t have it. no mayonnaise.

Beyond supply chain challenges, news this week about school meals programs facing financial challenges, according to a survey released by the School Nutrition Association, also made it into the top 10. Among those surveyed, 38% of districts report that school lunch programs suffered an overall net loss in the 2020-21 school year, and many districts said higher federal reimbursements were not enough to cover costs.

Food retail stories occupied the second and third most-read stories this week, with the announcement of Hy-Vee’s new president and chief operating officer, who began his career at the chain as only committed part-time in 1995, entering at no . 2 on the list, and at no. On Jan. 3, news from Amazon is expanding its same-day grocery delivery service from major supermarkets in the United States and Europe over the coming year, according to published reports.

News of Kroger eliminating its two-week emergency leave for unvaccinated workers who contract COVID-19 and adding an additional $50 each month for unvaccinated salaried employees covered by its insurance plan brought the 5 most read stories this week.

Other most-viewed articles this week focused on restaurant menu price inflation, chefs’ favorite holiday treats, the FDA’s implementation of a lab accreditation rule, and Kraft Heinz merging its divisions. American and Canadian sales in the North American zone.

Here’s the full list of the most clicked stories this week in SmartBrief’s food and drink submissions:

  1. Continued federal flexibility sought for school meals
  2. Jeremy Gosch Named President and COO of Hy-Vee
  3. Report: Amazon set to expand grocery delivery service
  4. Report: Menu prices continued to rise in November.
  5. Kroger ends COVID-19 leave for unvaccinated employees
  6. SNA survey: School food programs face financial challenges
  7. Chefs share their best holiday desserts
  8. FDA to implement lab accreditation rule
  9. Oregon School Nutrition Director Talks Supply Chain Issues
  10. Kraft Heinz will consolidate its U.S. and Canadian divisions under one roof


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