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Try Tired Hands’ New Philadelphia Restaurant Menu in These Pop-Ups

Starting tonight, Philly fans of Tired Hands will get their first taste of the brewery’s first Philadelphia restaurant, St. Oner’s.

Tired Hands has teamed up with Primal Supply Meats to bring a series of pop-ups to the Brewerytown Butcher Shop location (1521 N. 31st St.) starting October 11 at 5 p.m. From Friday to November 1, events will preview take a look at St. Oner’s menu, which emphasizes “Chinese-inspired Stoney Baloney” cuisine, as Jean Broillet IV of Tired Hands at the Inquirer earlier this year.

And yes, there will be Tired Hands beer to go. Supplies from Primal Supply, which supplies meat to Tired Hands’ two Ardmore locations, will also be available.

If you are booked on Fridays of the month, fear not. Tired Hands will also have a St. Oner pop-up at the Lunar Inn (3124 Richmond St.) in Port Richmond on October 16 from 6-10 p.m., as the company announced via Instagram.

Tired Hands originally announced that St. Oner would come to Fishtown in February, saying he would take over Tierce’s former home at 2218 Frankford Ave. The restaurant is located across from the brewery’s High Harvest Biergarten (2213 Frankford Ave.), which currently offers small prepackaged snacks, but no full catering. Opening a restaurant nearby, the folks at Tired Hands said, was an “intuitive choice.”

“It’s a symbiotic thing,” Julie Foster, co-founder of Tired Hands, told the Inquirer of St. Oner’s. “Beer will be available in the restaurant and the beer garden is a great outdoor opportunity for people passing by.”

While the exact menu items haven’t been revealed, Broillet told the Inquirer to expect items like “mapo tofu hot dogs” and other “far out” dishes. The opening date for St. Oner’s has yet to be announced, however.

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